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Alternative Therapies

Treat stomach viruses with probiotics

The foundation of good health lives in the digestive system, where countless billions of beneficial microflora protect against harmful pathogens, assist in proper digestion, and generally guard the body against foreign invaders that cause disease.

Broccoli nutrient halts growth of cancer tumors

chemical naturally occurring in broccoli may actually block the development of tumors in people with a certain genetic trait, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Food at Norwich in the United Kingdom.

Pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow into detectable tumors - here's how to halt it today

New research published in the journal Naturereveals that pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow to the point where it is diagnosed by conventional medical doctors.

Herpes—Why is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious Solution?

Search the mainstream medical journals, even search the Internet, and you won’t find this undeniably simple answer.

Many doctors still prescribe drugs instead of effective therapies for chronic back, neck pain

There are many alternative ways to treat back and neck pain apart from drugs that studies have shown to be effective.

Beta carotene may treat eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a name for a large group of inherited vision disorders that cause progressive degeneration of the light sensitive membrane that coats the inside of the eye -- the retina.


Your TV’s blaring, but you still can’t get the volume high enough. Small talk at a dinner party now sounds like faraway chatter. And all of a sudden, it seems like your family and friends have to shout at you—sometimes more than once—just to say hello.