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Alternative Therapies

How laetrile or B17 from apricot seeds kills only cancer cells

There is some confusion surrounding laetrile or B17 for curing cancer. Laetrile was banned by the FDA in 1971 despite its proven efficacy.

Resveratrol, curcumin and berries assist cellular housekeeping and slow aging

Every cell in our body generates waste that must be removed to preserve normal function. This process is called autophagy and is known to decline in efficiency as we age.

The Healing Power of Ginger

The funny looking root known as ginger has been revered for centuries from ancient Roman times to King Henry VIII of England who used it for everything from arthritis pain to digestive health. Millions of people swear by the potent healing effects of ginger.

Dietary alpha-linolenic acid intake and risk of sudden cardiac death and coronary heart disease

Alpha-linolenic acid, an intermediate-chain n-3 fatty acid found primarily in plants, may decrease the risk of fatal coronary heart disease (CHD) through a reduction in fatal ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death (SCD).