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Alternative Therapies (references)

Natural and Alternative Health Remedies for Anemia & Iron Poor Blood

Anemia or iron poor blood is a condition where there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells in the body to carry sufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues. Each of our red blood cells contains hemoglobin, an iron rich protein that gives it its red color. Hemoglobin is responsible for the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

Natural Therapies For Relieving Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Rita Louise

Until recently, the very mention of erectile dysfunction or impotence could bring about a blush to even the most manly of men. Embarrassing as it may be, erectile dysfunction affects more than 18 million men in America. It can vary in severity from an inability to achieve, maintain and sustain an erection, to an inability to achieve an orgasm, even though a healthy sexual desire exists. Because of the sensitive nature of this disorder, it often goes unreported.

Alternative Medicine & Popular Therapies

I Alternative Medicine 

Alternative Medicine, also called unconventional medicine, therapeutic practices, techniques, and beliefs that are outside the realm of mainstream Western health care. Alternative medicine emphasizes therapies that improve quality of life, prevent disease, and address conditions that conventional medicine has limited success in curing, such as chronic back pain and certain cancers. Proponents of alternative medicine believe that these approaches to healing are safer and more natural and have been shown through experience to work.

FACTS AND FACTOIDS: An Information Sheet for Patients

by Abram Hoffer


 Fact: Something that has really occurred or is the case: hence a datum of experience, as distinct from conclusions.  Loosely defined, something that is alleged to be, or might be a "fact."

 Factoid: A factoid is a fact that never existed before it appeared in print, but has been reprinted ever since.