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A surprising Ebola treatment option: melatonin

By Wright: (NaturalNews) A new report published in the Journal of Pineal Research states that an over-the-counter supplement might be one of our best defenses against the Ebola virus. Widely known as a remedy that encourages normal sleep-wake cycles, melatonin is readily available for purchase online or at local drug stores. And yet, researchers have long recognized that melatonin is far more than just a simple aid for sleep -- it's also a potent antioxidant and treatment for sepsis, a condition associated with Ebola virus infections.

Most unique, self-empowering health event of the year coming to Branson, MO, April 3-5

The most unique health event of the year is coming to the Midwest, where a hunger for health truth is growing fast. In its second year, the Hungry 4 Health Gala and Organic Festival is set to deliver life-changing information to many people from different walks of life. People are already planning to come from many states across the US and Mexico to be a part of this growing event.

Avoid The Worst ‘Healthy’ Foods

If you’re not eating organic food, you may be ingesting a surprisingly large amount of toxins. Pesticide residues, antibiotics and genetically modified (GMO) foods are among the questionable elements that are in our food supply.

New non-invasive technology could replace X-rays, mammograms

Is it really possible for a simple, safe laser beam to detect the early signs of diseases like tooth decay, osteoporosis and even cancer, eliminating the need to use other more invasive technologies?