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Major attributes of Fulvic acid

World's finest electrolyte

Fulvic acid is an organic natural electrolyte that can balance and energize biological properties that come into contact with it. An electrolyte is a substance that is soluble in water or other appropriate medium that is capable of conducting electrical current.

Thyroid: Therapies, Confusion, and Fraud

I.    Respiratory-metabolic defect                                    

II.   50 years of commercially motivated fraud              

III.  Tests and the "free hormone hypothesis"                  

IV.   Events in the tissues                                         

V.    Therapies                                                           

VI.   Diagnosis

I. Respiratory defect

More Adrenal - Thyroid Connection

Information from Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames, Authors of Thyroid Power

 by Mary J. Shomon

Richard and Karilee Shames are husband and wife as well as doctor and nurse AND thyroid practitioner and thyroid patient. Karilee herself is hypothyroid as are several of the couple’s children. They have been working with people suffering from “low thyroid” for over twenty-five years.

Thyroid: Body Temperature, Pulse & Metabolism

Physiology texts describe the primary functions of the thyroid system as responsible for regulating and maintaining metabolism and proper body temperature.  Understanding how thyroid regulated body temperature affects essential enzymes, will give you the key that will help unlock the door to your health and well-being.

Electrical Current Heals Chronic Wounds

Dec 29 2000 11:21:04 

Chronic wounds treated with very low electrical currents heal more quickly than they do with standard treatments, a new study suggests. Researchers studying the ElectroRegenesis Therapy Device 
(ERTD) say it stimulates the body's natural ability to heal wounds related to amputations, long-term ulcers, diabetic lesions, circulation problems, paralysis and even advanced age. Several patients -- some of whom had had wounds for five years -- showed significant healing in just one or two sessions. 

Aromatherapy Basics

— Whether you want to soothe your spirit, or protect your body, the nose knows when it comes to aromatherapy.

The positive effects of aromatherapy have been known for thousands of years.

Using essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, branches, or roots, aromatherapy is used to treat everything from infections, insomnia, impotence, arthritis and skin disorders, to stress and immune system deficiencies.

In fact, some aromatherapists even claim the oils have the power to heal problems of the ovaries, kidney, and veins, among others.

However, successful aromathera