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Hard Work Pays Off

by Dr. Edward Taub
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Feb. 22 — While a great deal of attention has been paid to early stroke treatment and injury prevention, brain damage, unfortunately, still occurs.

And for the many people who are left with impaired use of their arms or legs, the next important question is to ask what we can do to help these individuals regain the use of their limbs and improve their quality of life.

stardust or: September Sign-off

This is the last planned installment of The O Zone. Sayonara. See you somewhere else?

To test natural products (the only kind I have any interest in testing), I test them on myself, on my own garden and house plants and on my pets. I suppose that makes me guilty of animal testing. My 12-year-old dog, Ursa, has never been sick. She still cavorts like a puppy. So, I suppose that not all forms of animal testing are bad.

Bears, Bears, Bears! O Zone Frequently Asked Questions

Some things bear repeating.

In a year and a bit of email response to the O Zone, my testimonial and my contributions to the oxytherapy mail/ing list, certain questions and concerns have been raised enough times that I feel that they bear repeating.

Stay tuned, though, because a section of new information follows this brief review.

June 1997

by Randall Prue

Have An Oz Day

Having a nice day must be important--barely does one go by that I am not requested to "Have a nice day.".

How about a really nice oxy/ozone day? A day in the land of Oz...

A day filled with fresh air and wonder...

You may already be imagining what a day like that would comprise. Your own personal picture of Oz comes from your perception and your desires--what brings you closer to the life force in everything.

May 1997

by Randall Prue

Antioxidants, Minerals and Cancer

An interest in oxygen therapies is usually an indication of an interest in a wholistic approach to health. Based on intercourse with those who are interested in oxygen therapies, it seems that if you were not previously interested in natural whole health, oxygen's air of magic will nudge you in that direction.

O2 News and Reviews

by Randall Prue

ECHO Newsletter Update

Throughout the 1980s, Walter Grotz published the ECHO (ECH202) newsletter--the voice of hydrogen peroxide therapies for over a dozen years now. Were it not for Wally's interest in oxygen therapies, you might not be reading this article today (You and the site might have made it here, but I might not.).

If Wally had not met Father Richard Willhelm, who believes that oxygen is "God's own way to keep us germ free and bacteria free"...

Piecing It All Together

by Randall Prue

The topics around here are fairly consistent -- oxygen and ozone -- and weighty topics at that. Ubiquitous and essential to life, oxygen relates to everything that is important to us -- so much so that it is easy to take it for granted until it becomes the topic, as it has here.

Shopping For an Oxy Moron

by Randall Prue

Besides driving your thesaurus in reverse shopping for an oxymoron, you might be thinking of a gift for an oxygen-deprived person in your life.

Rumour has it that at this time of year, you can get away with giving just about anything to just about anybody. So, if you've been looking for the opportunity to subtly introduce someone to the joys of increased oxygen, this may be it.