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No Evidence of Aloe Vera Found in the Aloe Vera at Wal-Mart, CVS

The aloe vera gel many Americans buy to soothe damaged skin contains no evidence of aloe vera at all.

Samples of store-brand aloe gel purchased at national retailers Wal-Mart, Target and CVS showed no indication of the plant in various lab tests. The products all listed aloe barbadensis leaf juice — another name for aloe vera — as either the No. 1 ingredient or No. 2 after water.


What Aloe Vera Does In Your Body: Why Egyptians Called It The Plant Of Immortality

health freedom alliance, 12 March 2016
Known to the Egyptians as the plant of immortality and to Native Americans as the wand of heaven, aloe vera comes with a wide array of amazing healing properties

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

While the spiky green plant is a common antidote for sunburned skin, the healing qualities of this plant expands far beyond soothing irritated skin. It can be used both internally and externally, making aloe vera a versatile and beneficial plant for a multitude of health-related conditions.

Aloe Vera is an anti-tumor herb that's also great for your skin and cardiovascular system

Aloe Vera has a history that spans over 6000 years. The Egyptian civilization was the first to note its extraordinary health benefits and called it the plant of immortality. It was used for various health issues ranging from insomnia, baldness, bad digestion and even cancer. It is now regularly grown in tropical locations such South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Additional healing properties were discovered through time and starting with 18th Century, Aloe Vera was often employed for other conditions like skin irritations, burns and wounds.