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This Common Antioxidant Actively Slows The Signs of Ageing in Human Skin

A common antioxidant used as a dye in laboratories could one day be added to skin care products as way to slow the signs of ageing, a recent study on the effects of a chemical called methylene blue on human skin cells suggests.

The compound did a better job of helping cells called fibroblasts survive longer, divide faster, and show fewer indicators of ageing than several other antioxidants.

7 causes of age-related cognitive decline

“Senior moments.” We’ve all heard of them, or even experienced a few ourselves – those small mental glitches that are annoying, but not significant enough to interfere with daily life. Inevitably, normal aging brings some loss in cognitive function – usually involving lapses in memory, a reduced ability to maintain focus, and decreased problem-solving capacity. But, it’s the more serious issues surrounding dementia that are life-threatening AND avoidable.


Too little exercise accelerates biological aging and shortens telomeres

The aging process is inevitable for all of us. However, there are things we can do to forestall negative biological changes while enhancing quality of life. One of the most effective defenses against the effects of aging is regular exercise. In fact, The Dallas Bed Rest Study of 1966 showed that three weeks of staying in bed (without exercise) resulted in devastating changes to biological health, including a drop in the heart’s maximum pumping capacity, higher systolic blood pressures, faster resting heart rates, increased body fat, and decreased muscle strength.


This Multi Supplement Capsule Reversed Brain Damage In Aging Mice

Natural Blaze, June 2, 2016
A dietary supplement containing a blend of thirty vitamins and minerals–all natural ingredients widely available in health food stores–has shown remarkable anti-aging properties

New research investigates the benefits of walnuts on age-related health issues

Edelman Seattle, 4-Apr-2016
Experimental Biology 2016 presents new abstracts on walnut consumption and healthy aging, as well as gut health, hunger and satiety, and metabolic health

Regular exercise may boost brain health in adults

Wiley, 20-Jan-2015
In the brain, blood flow and cognitive function peak during young adulthood, but a new study of 52 young women found that oxygen availability, which is known to positively relate to brain health and function, is higher in adults who exercise regularly.