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New Obama rule allows doctors to declare patriots, conservatives and Constitutionalists mentally ill to ban their gun rights without due process

J. D. Heyes, January 6 2016
Following the Alinsky–Marx playbooks to the letter, one thing Barack Obama and complicit members of Congress have managed to do during his tenure is create suspicion, distrust and anger between Americans and the various professions they used to trust.

Taliban and Islamic State Strengthen in Afghanistan

Dan Gilmore · Oct. 13, 2015
Aaaaand they’re back, folks. While a U.S. general told Congress last week that the Afghan government is dealing with the Taliban, a United Nations report found that the threat of the Taliban is the highest it’s been since 2001.

William Boardman | Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bombs Afghan Hospital

<strong><h5><p>By William Boardman, Reader Supported News
08 October 15
No, it’s not really fair to blame President Obama personally for the waves of aerial bombing that took more than an hour on October 4 to destroy a neutral hospital operated by Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz, Afghanistan, even though it appears on its face to be yet another US war crime.</strong><h5></p>

This Lone Army Colonel Is Risking It All By Telling America The Lies About Afghanistan

As best I can tell, this story seems to be at least two months old. Perhaps what is really significant is that it is showing up now in the mainstream press. ~J