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Truly Amazing!!! Use This and Say Goodbye to Thyroid Problems, Lupus, Arthritis, Vertigo and Chronic Fatigue

Excessive working, unhealthy food along with the daily stress that we experience every day can have a great influence on our body. In fact, the influence of these factors is so huge that in can weaken our body and make it less resistant to certain health issues and conditions.

Nowadays, there are many drugs available on the market that can improve your health. But, unfortunately, they can have side effects and worsen your condition. So, we recommend you to always choose the natural way and natural products and remedies.

The More Your Spouse Supports You – The Longer Your Telomeres and Life

Many studies have evaluated social interaction and how they affect our health, both mentally and physically. It is not surprising that most of them came to the conclusion that positive, supportive relationships with those around you have a positive effect on your health, but it was unknown whether the health benefits of social support depend on the backing source.

Why the War on Salt is Dangerous and Wrong!

The theory that salt is bad for you and contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease is an idea that has become more or less cemented as dogma. Alas, the war on salt has had a number of drawbacks and unintended consequences.

For starters, evidence shows having the correct potassium to sodium balance influences your risk for hypertension and heart disease to a far greater extent than high sodium alone, and the Western diet tends to be lacking in potassium.

Monsanto undercover funding has led the attack on organic foods

In April of 2014, Academics Review released its organic marketing report – and proceeded to blast the organic foods industry. The report, which received extensive coverage by the mainstream media, accused the industry of creating false and misleading perceptions and indulging in intentionally deceptive marketing. (Wait, until you see what Monsanto is doing – keep reading)

Impact of Teen Diet on Breast Cancer Later

Did you have great eating habits as a teenager? For most of us, the answer to that is a resounding “no.” Even if your parents provided you with a foundation of nutritious meals, chances are good that you didn’t follow the same rules once you were out of the house. Fast food lunches with friends, stopping for donuts or ice cream after school, late night pizza while you were hanging out, and on and on. When you’re young, you don’t give much of a thought to all these empty calories unless you are overweight. But unfortunately, it might come back to haunt you now that you’re a little older.

A Call To Action! Our Veterans Need Us!

“America’s veterans deserve the very best health care because they’ve earned it.” Jim Ramstad, U.S. Congressman

My husband died eight years ago and I took the opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery that, for a time, led me to Austin, Texas, and then back home to Oklahoma City.

'I Did 30 Burpees Every Day For 15 Days—Here’s What Happened’

'I Did 30 Burpees Every Day For 15 Days—Here’s What Happened’"I knew it would be worth it to challenge myself.”

When I wanted to try CrossFit, I dragged one of my best friends to a beginner’s class with me. And although she was a good sport about it, she mentioned on our drive home how the deadlifts-crunches-burpees circuit would have been so much better had it been just deadlifts and crunches.

Hackers threaten to wipe millions of iCloud accounts if Apple doesn't pay up by 7 April - report

Hackers are reportedly demanding $750,000 (£601,800) in ransom from Apple claiming they have access to over 300 million Apple email accounts. Going by the name "Turkish Crime Family," the group of hackers have threatened to wipe the data of millions of users if Apple fails to pay up by 7 April.

Motherboard reports the group has demanded a $750,000 ransom in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are also reportedly willing to accept $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards as payment.

We Let Our Baby Cry It Out, and 10 Years Later, This Is What Happened

Three months into this parenting gig, I'd had enough. Our bedtime routine with our infant son had turned into a two-hour affair that left me and my husband eating dinner at 10 p.m., me up with indigestion for another few hours, and only a few hours of shut-eye before I had to wake up for the day. I was preparing to go back to work, and no amount of concealer, corrector, or eye masks could hide the dark purple circles that had become permanent fixtures under my eyes, never mind function like a thinking adult in an office job.