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Gerber’s Lil’ Crunchies Contain 100% Monsanto’s GMO Corn

The major agrochemical companies of the world will tell you their products are safe until they’re blue in the face — but the reality of the situation is that there are countless major studies that say otherwise.

Most people are now familiar with the new cancer risk attached to glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

But did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics also released a warning in 2012 urging parents to reduce their kids’ exposure to pesticides?


More Admissions of Cambrian Explosiveness

In these days of anti-ID “consensus,” don’t expect to find science journals publishing overt statements like, “Well, what do you know! Stephen Meyer and the intelligent design people were right!” Darwinian natural selection must remain omnipotent. Observational evidence, however, is more powerful than the language used to suppress it. Here are a couple of examples.

Trigger for Autoimmune Disease Identified

DENVER — Researchers at National Jewish Health have identified a trigger for autoimmune diseases such as lupus, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The findings, published in the April 2017 issue of Journal of Clinical Investigation, help explain why women suffer autoimmune disease more frequently than men, and suggest a therapeutic target to prevent autoimmune disease in humans.

Intense Exercise Reduces Cellular Aging by Nine Years

Highly active adults have telomeres with a biological aging advantage of nine years over those who are sedentary. Intense Exercise Reduces Cellular Aging by Nine Years Findings from a recent study show significant exercise is tied to nearly a decade of slower cell aging. Highly active individuals enjoy the benefits of a younger-feeling body. The study details were recently published in the popular medical journal Preventive Medicine.

Getting That Morning Daylight Exposure is Vital for Better Sleep

Workers who are exposed to sunlight or bright indoor lights during the morning hours sleep better at night and tend to feel less depressed and stressed than those who don't get much morning light, according to a recent study.

Exposure to more light during the day and less light at night is critical for healthy sleep patterns because it helps to calibrate the body's internal “circadian” clock, the study team writes in the journal Sleep Health.

One Simple Test to Determine Whether You’re Sleep-Deprived

One would think they would know if they were sleep-deprived, or not. And one might not be inclined to think much beyond that.

Yet, signs of sleep deprivation may not always be this obvious (and there are other factors besides sleep loss that can make you feel fatigued). The late Nathaniel Kleitman, Ph.D., professor emeritus in physiology at the University of Chicago, came up with one of the simplest tests to determine if you're sleep deprived — and as a pioneer in sleep research, he was well qualified to know.

Formal Legal Complaints Filed Against Aurora Organic Dairy and the CDA

As we now know, the Aurora Dairy has been operating organic farms illegally. This was disturbing, to say the least.

And now, based on that evidence, The Cornucopia Institute has filed formal legal complaints against Aurora Dairy and their organic certifier, the Colorado Department of Agriculture. (They even went so far as to write to the Trump administration’s new USDA Secretary, Sonny Perdue, to ask for the removal of the agency’s lead organic regulator.)


There’s No Free Lunch and There is No Such Thing as Free Healthcare…

California’s Proposed “Single-Payer” Health Care System…

Opinion by Karri Lewis AWAKE California

I guess I’m not surprised that in this ultra-busy American society, people are so eager to get instant gratification when it comes to everything.

… And in their Minds, Why should their Health Care be ANY Different?

Our Smart Phones give us everything we need at our fingertips. People can contact each other at lightening speed, instead of having to wait for a return phone call or face to face meeting.


FDA promotes GMO foods with a government-controlled propaganda campaign

A 2016 Pew Research Center study found that nearly 40 percent of Americans believe genetically modified organisms and GMO foods are worse for health than organic and conventional foods. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now looking to change hearts and minds through a marketing campaign promoting genetically modified organisms.