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The Hidden Toxins In Your Clothing

Popular clothing stores, like H&M, Levi’s, and Gap, are beginning to turn their attention toward producing healthier and more environmentally-friendly clothing. [1] Increased consumer awareness around the dangers of synthetic dyes, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and phthalates in conventional clothing is fueling a drastic revolution in the fashion industry. Keeping in line with current trends, clothing retailers are finally attempting to appeal to health-conscious buyers as well as appease international health organizations.


Bayer Accidentally Funds Study Showing Its Pesticide Is Killing Bees, Promptly Denies Conclusions

A large-scale study on neonicotinoid pesticides is adding to the growing body of evidence that these agricultural chemicals are indeed harming bee populations. Carried out at 33 sites in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary, the study found that exposure to neonicotinoids “left honey bee hives less likely to survive over winter, while bumblebees and solitary bees produced fewer queens.”


Best-Selling ‘PH Miracle’ Author Heads To Jail

The author of the popular pH Miracle book series will spend the next five months in jail, after admitting that he illegally treated patients at his luxury Valley Center ranch without any medical or scientific training.

Robert O. Young was taken into custody in a Vista courtroom Thursday morning. He had been convicted last year on two counts of practicing medicine without a license and pleaded guilty earlier this year to two additional felony counts.


An Education in Exercise

Want to know the secret fountain of youth we all seem to be chasing, no matter our age? It's definitely not a new pill and much better than a complex diet that can be difficult to follow even for a short period of time. The closest thing to a fountain of youth is exercise. Course Introduction



There's something that humans do to strange dogs that is actually the worst thing possible, and yet none of us are aware of it, because we do it to strange humans all the time.

In the human world, it's quite normal. The problem is that we forget that our canine companions do not live in the human world. They live in the dog world, where what we do to them is very unnatural.

What will 2017's big diet trends be?

What will 2017 bring for the health-conscious crowd? If 1,700 of America’s dieticians are correct: Nothing we haven’t seen before.

The “What’s Trending in Nutrition” survey asked top dieticians and nutritionists to predict the top superfoods for 2017, as well as to provide tips, predict trends, and address concerns that the average American consumer might have in the new year.

Here are Too Good to Be True Diet Trends (Literally) and What You Should Try Instead


Memory pill maker sued on grounds no proof it works

WASHINGTON – Quincy Bioscience LLC, which makes the memory supplement Prevagen, was hit with a lawsuit on Monday filed by the Federal Trade Commission and New York attorney general's office, which alleged that there is no proof the supplement works.

The medicine, which costs $24 to $68 for 30 pills, is advertised on cable and broadcast television, according to the FTC, which is seeking refunds for customers who bought Prevagen.


One in three women may receive unnecessary mammograms, study says

One in three women with breast cancer detected by a mammogram is treated unnecessarily, because screening tests found tumors that are so slow-growing that they’re essentially harmless, according to a Danish study published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine, which has renewed debate over the value of early detection.


Bombshell: Uncovered Documents Show the FDA and CDC Have Exposed Infants to Dangerous Mercury Levels in Vaccines Since 1999

While more and more Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of the current vaccination schedule in the United States and the enormous influential power wielded by the pharmaceutical industry, most are still willing to trust the industry with their loved one’s health.