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Low fiber diet found to cause irreversible damage to gut bacteria over generations

For 95 percent of human evolutionary history, we have been “hunter-gatherers,” consuming copious quantities of plant-based fiber along with meats and fats. But the advent of industrialization – and the primacy of highly processed and “fast” foods – has caused our consumption of fiber to plummet. Now, an animal study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has disturbing implications regarding the effects of insufficient dietary fiber.


Andrew Wakefield’s Accusers Ian Lipkin and Mady Hornig – Publicly “Exposed” and Humiliated…

Columbia Professor Says Boss Made Her Inspect His Butt – New York Post, May 20, 2017

“A Columbia University scientist claims her boss – and former lover – repeatedly dropped his drawers and demanded she diagnose a lesion on his butt.”

Associate Professor Mady Hornig says her boss at the university’s Mailman School of Public Health [Ian Lipkin] also demanded co-credit for her work; kicked her under the table at meetings to keep her from speaking; presented her work as his own, and kept her from getting tenure, Hornig claims in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit.”

Good medicine: homeopathy

Once again it must be said that what passes for ‘scientific’ discussion amongst homeopathic critics is almost entirely lacking in substance. Scientific statements, by definition, must be precise and testable. Unfortunately, criticisms of homeopathy rarely pass this test.

Alan Henness, who calls himself a ‘challenger of misleading health claims,’ continues to make vague assertions and accusations without having any grasp of the basic facts.


Blue Cross Turns Into a National Scandal

Nonprofit organizations have enriched American life immensely, but one venerable institution that seems to have gone sour is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Your June 17 and 18 reports on how Empire Blue Cross has misled the New York State Legislature, exaggerated its losses on individuals and small groups to obtain large rate increases, and kept double books describe practices that have apparently gone on for years in Blue Cross plans across the country.

How Big Pharma Runs Our Government…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

While the mainstream media is focusing on the replacement for Obamacare, having a field day trashing Trump, and ignoring the massive corruption at the CDC, they also continue to ignore the longest-running health care crisis in America….. the suppression of REAL HEALTH.

The key agency that blocks REAL HEALTH is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)…


Rockefeller Medicine Men Medicine and Capitalism in America


When Rockefeller Medicine Men was first published in 1979, it proved to be a controversial work. In reviewing histories of medicine from 1962 to 1982, Ronald L. Numbers called it "the most controversial medical history of the past decade."' This reprinting of the book provides an opportunity to respond to some of the book's critics as part of a continuing dialogue about the issues it raises.

John Wesley: Primitive Physick, or An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases

Or An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases by John Wesley, M.A.

John Wesley (1703-1791) was not only the founder of Methodism but also wrote widely in other areas of concern. Wesley realized that medicine in England was available just to the wealthy. His aim in Primitive Physick was to bring practical medical advice to workers and others who could not afford private doctors.

Wesley first published his book anonymously in 1747. Not until 1760 did he place his name on it.


Real Health Care Reform – Cliff Notes Version…

Part 1 – Getting Real About Health Care Reform…..

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

Folks, one of my big gripes about talking about health care reform is that nobody really knows much beyond their small area of interest.

These days, it pretty much boils down to “How much will I have to pay?” “I have a preexisting condition. Will it still be covered?” “Can I keep the doctors I like?” Me, I don’t use the allopathic health care system because what they offer is of no help to me. I go to the alternative. It’s much cheaper, safer and more effective.


The Secret to Success Means Giving Up These 13 Things

In the end, we are responsible for our time and the direction of our efforts. Getting these inline with what really makes us happy and fulfilled are very important for becoming the person we want to be.

“On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” — Anonymous

Sometimes, to become successful and get closer to the person we can become, we don’t need to add more things — we need to give up on some of them.


Please Help!! Sherman County, Oregon Wants to Force Roundup Spray on 2,000 Acre Organic Farm

You are probably familiar with the organic products from Azure Standard, which is sort of like a mobile co-op that delivers well-priced organic food and products in bulk to drop-off points around the country.

Now that idyllic 2000-acre organic farm, which has produced reasonably priced organic wheat, field peas, barley, Einkorn, and beef for thousands of people across the country, is about to be sprayed against their will with Roundup and other harmful pesticides, due to a ruling from their local municipality about invasive plants.