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More Good News About Coffee: New Study Says It Protects Your Eyes

Recent research has been shedding light on the wealth of benefits that coffee has to offer. Besides getting you up and going in the morning, this popular beverage – without the sugar and chemical creamers – can do a great deal for your health.

9 Healthy Coconut Combinations: The Most Versatile Seed on the Planet

A member of the palm family, the coconut tree grows in a wide range of locations along the Equator. Researchers believe that this tree first grew in Southeast Asia, where coconuts were described by Marco Polo as the “Indian Nuts” of Sumatra and India.

Because the coconut is so valuable and versatile, it is thought that man himself transported it to many equatorial regions of the world to share its goodness. The coconut is actually a seed – one of the largest seeds in the whole plant world. When it is ripe, the coconut falls from the tree and sprouting begins.

Dangerous Ingredients in Our Food – But Banned Elsewhere

While many of us like to think of America as fairly progressive, when it comes to some things we may be a bit behind the ball. Much of our food supply is grown using genetically modified seeds, doused with a host of dangerous chemicals and then processed with ingredients that may cause damage to the body.

If you care about your health, reading labels is a must, especially when you think about the ingredients allowed in American foods that are banned in other regions of the world.

The Best Time To Drink Water To Maximize Energy

This one small tweak to your morning routine can help you have far more energy, better brain function, and even help you burn some body fat if you do it right.

Now, the caveat is that it’s so simple, and so small, that millions of people are overlooking it each day. If you’re ready to step your energy, productivity, and fat loss up a few notches, you’ll want to give this a try.

Using Math To Develop An Algorithm To Treat Diabetes

When people ask me why I, an applied mathematician, study diabetes, I tell them that I am motivated for both scientific and human reasons.

Type 2 diabetes runs in my family. My grandfather died of complications related to the condition. My mother was diagnosed with the disease when I was 10 years old, and my Aunt Zacharoula suffered from it. I myself am pre-diabetic.

Monsanto Accused of Ghostwriting Papers on Roundup Cancer Risk

Monsanto Co. was accused in court documents of ghostwriting scientific literature that led a U.S. regulator to conclude a key chemical in its Roundup weed killer shouldn’t be classified as carcinogenic.

Lawyers suing the company on behalf of farmers and others, who claim exposure to glyphosate caused their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, alleged in a court filing which was partially blacked out until Tuesday that the Environmental Protection Agency “may be unaware of Monsanto’s deceptive authorship practice.”

Trump Is Promising Big Changes At The FDA

At least one of President Trump’s possible picks to head the Food and Drug Administration has a radical idea for when drugs should come to market.

Jim O’Neill, managing director at Mithril Capital, has said that he is in favor of approving drugs that are proven to be safe, even before they’re shown to be actually effective.

Regardless of who Trump picks in the end, his interest in cutting regulation at the FDA is clear.

What If You Sell Medicine That Causes Men To Grow Breasts :Who’s Reserving Prison Cells For Johnson & Johnson Executives?

Who’s reserving the prison cells? The answer: no one.

These Johnson & Johnson execs are free and rich and powerful, although their crimes should have landed them in jail years ago.

And before I read the riot act, chapter and verse, let’s get something straight. Everyody’s talking about the Deep State? Well, Big Pharma is an essential part of the Deep State.

Inflammation could be the cause of all disease, researcher says

What if there is a grand unified theory of how all disease begins? This has been the focus of research for Keith Nemec, director of Total Health Institute, an alternative and integrative medical facility in Chicago. He believes that the cause of all disease is inflammation at the cellular level, according to a February 21 press release.