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Tree Ring Study Shows Warm Cycles

Thu Mar 21, 2002

By PAUL RECER, AP Science Writer

WASHINGTON - An unusually warm period a millennium ago may have been part of a natural planetary cycle, researchers say in a study of tree rings that scrutinizes the link between human activity and climate change.


by Kevin Zeese, AlterNet

March 21, 2002

Thirty years ago the United States came to a critical juncture in the drug war. A Nixon-appointed presidential commission had recommended that marijuana use not be a criminal offense under state or federal law. But Nixon himself, based on his zealous personal preferences, overruled the commission's research and doomed marijuana to its current illegal status.


'Blinded By the Right': David Brock

Friday, March 22, 2002

What would make an avid Clinton-hating attack journalist have a "road to Damascus" experience and cause him to completely change his point of view? Why would he denounce the A-list conservatives who made him, and instead ally himself to people close to Bill Clinton? All these questions and more are answered in David Brock's memoir Blinded By the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative.


SIDS Inside Story

The Guardian Weekend

April 1st 1995

by Inside Story: Bob Woffinden

Seven years ago Barry Richardson came up with what remains the most persuasive explanation of cot death. It makes far more sense than the latest theory - that the syndrome is caused by smoking. So why is his work ignored or condemned?

Cell Phone Use Seen as 'Positive' Addiction

Tue Mar 26, 2002

By Amy Norton

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Cell phones and the image they project may, in a social sense, be as addictive as more harmful habits like smoking, results of a small UK study suggest.

There are an estimated 800 million cell phone users worldwide. And if cell phones start to replace cigarettes as a social phenomenon, they could be seen as a "positive addiction," according to the new study's author, Simon Cassidy of the University of Salford.