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Paper:UK Scientists Conducted HK Baby Nuclear Tests

HONG KONG (Reuters) - British scientists listed specific body parts of dead Hong Kong children they needed for nuclear experiments between the 1950s and 1970s, the South China Morning Post reported on Friday.

Citing official British records, the newspaper said some Hong Kong medical officials had given approval for bodies of Hong Kong children to be used in the tests without parental consent.


Stench Warfare And Stink Bombs-U.S. Secret Weapon?

LONDON (Reuters) - The Pentagon is developing a stink bomb to drive away enemy troops or hostile crowds, the magazine New Scientist said on Wednesday.

Stench warfare could form a key part of the U.S. non-lethal weapons program and provide police with an extra means of dealing with the kind of rioting that has disrupted recent summits of world leaders.

``It would give us an offensive capability against large and unruly groups of people, if they are unwilling to move or are openly hostile,"" New Scientist quoted a Pentagon spokesman as saying.


A Jeffersonian View of the Civil War

by Donald W. Miller, Jr.

In the schoolbook account of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln rose to the Presidency and took the steps needed to end slavery. He led the country in a great Civil War against the slaveholding states that seceded, restored these states to the Union, and ended slavery. Accordingly, historians rate Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents.


Lubbock’s Lesson

by Jeff Elkins

It’s become a commonplace event – a domestic dispute turns ugly and the police are called. Matters escalate and a desperate, armed man barricades himself in his home. The patrol officers back off and establish a perimeter, waiting for the specialists, the men in the black ninja suits.


Judicial Watch Calls for Independent Probe of FBI

Friday May 18, 2001

How can the FBI investigate itself in the aftermath of damaging revelations that it witheld from Timothy McVeigh's lawyers evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing case?

It can't, says Judicial Watch. And so the Washington, D.C.-based legal watchdog group called on Attorney General John Ashcroft this week to take a promised probe into FBI malfeasance out of the hands of the Justice Department and appoint a special counsel.


America’s POW Secrets Exposed

by William P. Hoar

Credible witnesses confirm that our men were abandoned to the Reds

‘‘You are here to learn,” a Communist Chinese camp official explained to an American POW near the Manchurian-Chinese border in early 1951. The POW, U.S. Army Major Fred A. Smith, was told by the communist official that his enforced schooling “may take one year, ten years, 20, 30, or even 40 years, and some of you may die here. But if you die, don’t worry. We will bury you deep so that you won’t stink.”


Dredging Pearl Harbor

by John McCaslin

Exactly two years ago, Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined the debate on whether to posthumously promote Army Maj. Gen. Walter Short and Navy Rear Adm. Husband Kimmel, both commanders of Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack.