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Tired and angry? Both emotions may predict heart attacks

Meeting Report of the American Heart Association's Asia Pacific Scientific Forum

HONOLULU, April 24 - Anger and exhaustion may result in future heart attacks or sudden cardiac death, according to research presented today at the American Heart Association's Asia Pacific Scientific Forum.



In the of the masonry of the outer wall of the Acropolis at Baalbek (where Hezbullah now have a terrorist training facility) in The Lebanon, there are three great stones each measuring 63 ft. long by thirteen feet high by 10ft. thick. Baalbek is located about halfway between Beirut and Damascus

Solar Water Distillers

(c) by Sharon Eby-Martin 2001

What is a solar water distiller?

A solar distiller is basically a simple, waterproof, oblong “box” that uses the sun’s energy to distill the water (even contaminated water that contains raw sewage) with a piece of glass on top that the sun shines through. The distilled water is then rendered safe for drinking and cooking, with absolutely no contaminants that are found in regular (potable) water.

How does it work?

I wish you ENOUGH

Recently I overheard a father and daughter in their last moments together. They had announced her departure and standing near the security gate, they hugged and he said, "I love you. I wish you enough".

She said, "Daddy, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Daddy". They kissed and she left.

Global Warming: 2002 'Warmest for 1,000 Years'

by Charles Clover

THE first three months of this year were the warmest globally since records began in 1860 and probably for 1,000 years, scientists said yesterday.

In recent years more and more people have accepted that climate change is happening and will affect the lives of our children and grandchildren. I fear we need to start worrying about ourselves as well.

What Really Happened? The Myth Of Jenin Grows

By MARCUS GEE Globe & Mail

April 27, 2002

Well before the dust had settled, the siege of Jenin had become a symbol of Israeli brutality throughout the Arab world and beyond.

Palestinian leaders said 500 of their people had been killed when Israeli troops invaded the West Bank refugee camp. There was talk of massacres and mass graves of the kind seen in Bosnia in the 1990s.