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Bionic Retina Gives Six Patients Partial Sight

Wed May 8, 2002

By Julie Steenhuysen

CHICAGO (Reuters) - They're not as fast as Lee Majors' Bionic Man, but six patients implanted with bionic retinas are seeing things they haven't seen in years.

Thanks to an artificial silicon retina, the six patients, many of whom were virtually blind, are rediscovering simple gifts of the sighted: the flight of a flock of geese, the pattern on a well-worn tablecloth, the face of a loved one.

The patients are part of a pilot study of a sol


Therapy May Be as Good as Medication for Depression

Fri May 24, 2002 

By Paula Moyer

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters Health) - People with moderate to severe depression get as much benefit from cognitive therapy as they do from antidepressant medication, but the depression-relieving effect may take a bit longer to take hold, according to a report presented here at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting.

What's more, the effects of cognitive therapy may be longer lasting.


A Possible Cause and Preventive Measure for Kidney Cancer

May 24, 2002   When faced with the challenge of treating patients with kidney cancer, doctors know that today’s chemotherapy offers little help.

But a new study from the Keck School of Medicine of USC identifies a possible origin of the mysterious cancer, potentially pointing scientists toward ways to attack the disease.

Although scientists recognize that several factors seem to put people at higher risk o

Being Bored on the Job Could Kill You

Fri May 24, 2002

FRIDAY, May 24 (HealthScoutNews) -- The mind-numbing boredom of working on the assembly line may be deadlier for you than the strain of constant office deadlines.

Workers with little control or decision-making in their jobs were 43 percent to 50 percent more likely to die during a 5-to-10 year period than workers who had high-stress jobs but much more responsibility for making decisions, says a new study in the May/June issue of Psychosomatic Medicine journal.



Digestible Camera Finds Gastrointestinal Disorders

Wed May 22, 2002

By Deena Beasley

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A tiny digestible camera can identify the cause of gastrointestinal bleeding in most patients who could not be diagnosed with conventional imaging methods, researchers said this week.


Pig Farms May Soil Ground Water with Bacteria

Wed May 22, 2002

By Anne Harding

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters Health) - Methods now used by many swine farmers to dispose of pig manure may contaminate nearby groundwater with multiple-drug-resistant bacteria, North Carolina researchers report.

And while it is not known if this contamination is finding its way into drinking water, one of the researchers told Reuters Health, the E. coli contamination itself--let alone contamination with drug-resistant forms of this and other bacteria--would indeed be a public health concern.