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God, It's Great To Be American!

by Heather Wokusch

March 19, 2002

There's nothing like being in the safe hands of the Bush administration.

I mean, how embarrassing for those poor people in Zimbabwe, dealing with their rigged presidential election. Imagine the shame of knowing opposition voters had been systematically disenfranchised, and that the Supreme Court had stepped in to support a specific presidential candidate. That could never happen here! We should go in and show those people how real democracy works.


Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society

By Henry Makow, Ph.D. March 19, 2002

"In the 1960´s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order."


Giant Antarctic Ice Shelves Shatter and Break Away

BOULDER, Colorado, March 19, 2002 (ENS) - The accelerating break up of Antarctic ice shelves has reached a new peak, with the dramatic loss of two huge pieces on separate sides of the continent.

On the rapidly warming Antarctic Peninsula, the northern section of the Larsen B ice shelf has collapsed, reducing it to a size not seen for some 12,000 years. The large floating ice mass on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula has shattered and separated from the continent in the largest single event in a 30 year series of ice shelf retreats on the peninsula.

Trawler Ban Needed Now, Science Panel Reports

By Cat Lazaroff

WASHINGTON, DC, March 19, 2002 (ENS) - Bottom trawling, a method of fishing that drags big, heavy nets across the sea floor, is killing vast numbers of marine animals, warns a new report from the National Academy of Sciences. The panel responsible for the report recommends that the government close some areas to all trawlers, and limit trawler access to other regions.

Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water

by Zoltan P. Rona MD MSc

During nearly 19 years of clinical practice I have had the opportunity to observe the health effects of drinking different types of water. Most of you would agree that drinking unfiltered tap water could be hazardous to your health because of things like


Many health fanatics, however, are often surprised to hear me say that drinking distilled water on a regular, daily basis is potentially dangerous.

Environment, Fish Brought to the World's Trading Table

GENEVA, Switzerland, March 19, 2002 (ENS) - Reducing the subsidies that governments pay to their nations' fishing fleets which then strip the oceans bare, is one of the topics on the table when the Committee on Trade and the Environment of the World Trade Organization starts formal negotiations in Geneva on Friday.

The environmental effects of trade are now firmly on the agenda following decisions made at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference that took place in Doha, Qatar last November.

Introducing the International Tesla Electric Company and their "Free Electricity" Program!

Introducing the International Tesla Electric Company and their "Free Electricity" Program!

Yes, Free Electricity will soon be a reality! For a limited time the International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) is registering homeowners and renters, in the US and Canada, to receive their electricity absolutely free.

Free, safe, clean alternative power for life!