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Smart ALECs (American Legislative Exchange Council)

by Bill Berkowitz - WorkingForChange

April 15, 2002

Are you paying enough attention to what's going on in your state legislature? Do you support lobbying efforts by progressive organizations? Do you contribute money to legislative candidates?


Common Herbicide Linked to Sexual Side Effects in Frogs

By Cat Lazaroff

BERKELEY, California, April 16, 2002 (ENS) - Atrazine, the top selling weed killer in the United States, disrupts the sexual development of frogs at concentrations 30 times lower than levels allowed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The researchers who uncovered the problem join environmentalists in expressing concern about heavy use of the herbicide on corn, soybeans and other crops in the U.S. Midwest and around the world.

Anti-Tax Activist Arrested for Fraud


Associated Press Writer

April 16, 2002

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- An anti-tax activist who once boasted she had never paid income taxes was arrested Monday for allegedly promoting bogus tax shelters and encouraging the filing of phony returns.

Six others also were charged in the alleged fraud scheme.

The arrest of Lynne Meredith, who headed up the anti-tax group We The People, came nearly a decade after she first began publicly lobbying against income taxes.


Supreme Court Brief


Boyd E. Graves petitions the high Court to seek resolution of a burning social issue not previously addressed by the Court. Since the onset of AIDS in 1979, less and less scrutiny has been focused on the genesis of the pandemic, in which to (allegedly) concentrate on education, treatment and prevention. After receiving an HIV positive diagnosis in 1992, petitioner began a relentless pursuit to find the truth.



"The Federal Reserve earns interest on the government

securities it owns." ("The Hats The Federal Reserve Wears", published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

Here is how this "PONZI SCHEME" works: When the government needs $100 billion, action is taken as follows: (1) The U.S. Treasurer advises the Bureau of printing and engraving to print $100 billion of U.S.


The following are excerpts from "MONEY FACTS 169 Questions and Answers on Money - A Supplement to A Primer on Money", prepared by the Subcommittee on Domestic Finance, House of Representatives, 88th Congress, 2d Session:

Question 1 - "Who has the right to create money in the United States?"

Answer - "Under the Constitution, it is the right and duty of Congress to create money. It is left entirely to Congress."

Question 2 - "To whom has the Congress delegated this money-creating right?"

Dredging Pearl Harbor

by John McCaslin

Exactly two years ago, Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined the debate on whether to posthumously promote Army Maj. Gen. Walter Short and Navy Rear Adm. Husband Kimmel, both commanders of Pearl Harbor at the time of the Japanese attack.