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What's Oil Got to Do With It

by Lee Siu Hin

April 23, 2002

"It is clear that one of the reasons the US maintains the Iraqi sanctions is to allow the major oil companies to reap huge profits. Yet the overriding motivation behind US policies is to retain hegemony over the oil-rich Persian Gulf which provides about a quarter of the world's oil. Above all, the goal is to send an unmistakable message: that any country bold enough to stand up to the US will reap the same unprecedented and brutal consequences inflicted upon Iraq."



By J.R. Rogers

The ins and outs of what Osteoarthritis is, how it forms, how to know if you have OA, and how to treat it, explained simply so you can understand.

The first sign of osteoarthritis is the deterioration of healthy cartilage. Therefore, understanding cartilage is crucial to understanding osteoarthritis and how you can effectively treat your OA. Cartilage is a watery substance that is made up of 65%-80% water. The remaining portion is made up of two other important compounds. These are collagen and proteoglycans.

The Mother of All Lies About 9/11 Barbara Olson's "Phone Call" From Flight 77

Copyright Joe Vialls, 27 March 2002

This is a story about a little white lie that bred dozens of other little white lies, then hundreds of bigger white lies and so on, to the point where the first little white lie must be credited as the “Mother of All Lies” about events on 11 September 2001. For this was the little white lie that first activated the American psyche, generated mass loathing, and enabled media manipulation of the global population.


Electricity Explained Getting Down To Basics

By Bruce W. Maki

Current Flow and Ohm's Law

In the early days scientists discovered a link between electro-motive force and electron flow, in a given circuit or pathway. As the EMF was increased, the amount of electron flow increased proportionally.

Some circuits had more or less electron flow when attached to a given source of EMF. Scientists arrived at three basic concepts.


A War in the Planning for Four Years

Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) at

11 November 2001

by Michael Ruppert

Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CFR Put War Plans in a 1997 Book – It is “A Blueprint for World Dictatorship,” Says a Former German Defense and NATO Official Who Warned of Global Domination in 1984, in an Exclusive Interview With FTW


“THE GRAND CHESSBOARD – American Primacy And It’s Geostrategic Imperatives,” Zbigniew Brzezinski, Basic Books, 1997.

Tea May Protect Heart Attack Survivors

Mon May 6, 2002

By Suzanne Rostler

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Heart attack patients who are tea drinkers may survive longer than their peers who choose to consume a different type of beverage, researchers report.

Their study found that patients who drank the most tea were the least likely to die for up to 4 years regardless of their weight, smoking habits or history of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Shiatsu 'Massage Machine' Linked to Artery Problem

Mon May 6, 2002

By Alison McCook

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In two cases, patients developed a potentially life-threatening arterial problem, possibly caused by a type of shiatsu "massage machine," researchers report. Shiatsu is a type of therapeutic massage in which a person typically massages acupuncture pressure points using the thumbs and palm.

Surgical Technique Straightens Curved Penis

By Keith Mulvihill

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Preliminary study findings suggest that a less invasive surgical technique is a promising way to correct curvature of the penis, according to a report.

Aside from the negative emotional consequences of having a curved penis, the condition can often cause painful erections and severely inhibit a man's ability to engage in sexual intercourse.


Annual Exam Abandoned by Docs, Desired by Patients

Mon May 6, 2002

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The idea that individuals should undergo annual medical check-ups was abandoned by American health professionals several years ago, but many patients still think that such exams are necessary, new study findings show.

These patients may be unaware that annual comprehensive physical examinations have been shown to have little or no value and have thus been rejected by the American Medical Association, the US Public Health Service and various other medical organizations.