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Baby's Injury Points to Danger of Kids Imitating TV

Wed Jun 26, 2002

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A case report of a 5-year-old child who severely injured his 22-month-old cousin while imitating a violent wrestling move suggests that children may indeed be affected by the violence they see on television.

"This is one of the only cases reported in the medical literature showing a direct effect of television violence on children," study author Dr. Norman A.

Pledge Declared Unconstitutional

Wed Jun 26, 2002

By DAVID KRAVETS, Associated Press Writer

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - For the first time ever, a federal appeals court Wednesday declared the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because of the words "under God" added by Congress in 1954.

The ruling, if allowed to stand, means schoolchildren can no longer recite the pledge, at least in the nine Western states covered by the court.


Vitamin U - Ulcer Factor - info

Vitamin U is found in raw cabbage and is thought to help with the healing of skin ulcers and ulcers in the digestive tract.  Not much other information is available - and dosage and toxicity has not been determined. As soon as more information is available on this nutrient, we will add it to this page.


Coenzyme Q10 - Ubiquinone - info

Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful natural occurring compound, promoting chemical reactions, protecting the body from free radicals, and is also called ubiquinone.

Some disagreement exists regarding its classification, where some are of the opinion that it is in reality a vitamin or vitamin-like substance.

required for 

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is naturally present in foods, and can be synthesized by the body from the amino acid tyrosine during a multistage (17 stages) process requiring eight vitamins and several trace elements.

B - Sitosterol

B - Sitosterol - Phytochemicals and phytosterols


Phytosterols - nature's little helpers; 

  • The Phytosterols (plant sterols) consists of a natural vegetable extract in which the plant sterols and their glycosides are extracted in the naturally occurring ratios.
  • The plant sterols are beta sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. Although these vitamin-like compounds occur naturally in vegetables, due to refinement, many of our


lecithin info

Lecithin is a type of lipid it is needed by every living cell in the human body. Cell membranes as a as well as the protective sheath surrounding the brain are composed mostly of lecithin and is also found in the muscles and nerve cells. It consists mainly of the vitamin B ingredients choline as well as linoleic acid and inositol.


Court revives downwinder claims

Jun 19, 2002

By Annette Cary
Herald staff writer

The claims of thousands of people were restored Tuesday to suits asking for damages for health problems they believe were caused by radiation releases from the Hanford nuclear reservation.

The 9th District Court of Appeals overturned U.S. District Court action in 1998 that dismissed more than 3,000 claims against Hanford contractors. The suits had been reduced to a few hundred plaintiffs.


Justices strengthen police search power

By Jan Crawford Greenburg

Washington Bureau

June 18, 2002

WASHINGTON -- Strengthening the power of law enforcement to stop and question people, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that police officers searching for drugs on a bus do not have to tell passengers that they have the right to decline to cooperate.