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Study: Birth Control Pill Does Not Make Teens Fat

Wed Jul 31, 2002

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The idea that taking birth control pills leads to weight gain appears to be a myth, new study findings show.

"Perceived weight gain is the number-one reason for adult women discontinuing use of oral contraceptives," Dr. Tom Lloyd, director of the Pennsylvania State Young Women's Health Study at Pennsylvania State College of Medicine, told Reuters Health.


Senate Moves to Reject 4th Drug Bill

Wed Jul 31, 2002

By JANELLE CARTER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans and Democrats blamed each other for letting down the nation's elderly as the Senate appeared ready to reject its fourth Medicare prescription drug proposal.

Wednesday's anticipated vote would make it all but certain the Senate won't pass a Medicare bill before leaving Friday for summer recess.

Talking Women Through Exam Spurs Repeat Mammograms

Tue Jul 30, 2002

By Merritt McKinney

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Having an unpleasant experience during a mammogram screening, particularly a negative interaction with the technologist performing the screen, may discourage women from having another mammogram, researchers report. The problem may be more common in heavier women, the findings suggest.

"Further research should focus on how best to coach women through the mammographic experience," Dr. Patricia A.


Palestinians, look in the mirror

by David Margolis July 21, 2002

Since I'm a "settler" and therefore a war criminal in the view of much of the Left, I was surprised to be invited a few weeks ago to an all-day meeting at the Tantur Ecumenical Center in Jerusalem that brought together about 50 Jewish and Palestinian "peace activists." These were organizational professionals and concerned laypeople, all of whom are seeking an end to the conflict, and many of whom are deeply discouraged now.


Dick Cheney's brilliant career

Jul. 26, 2002

 Dick Cheney's brilliant career

 David Olive

 "By any measure you want to use, Halliburton has been a great success story." —Dick Cheney, U.S. vice-presidential candidate, campaigning in 2000 "Halliburton Co. said Wednesday that it lost $498 million in the second quarter, weighed down by charges against earnings for asbestos-related claims and a troubled project in Brazil."

 —News report, July 24, 2002


Don't apologize for civilian casualties

Ralph Peters

National Post
July 26, 2002

Earlier this week, Israel succeeded in killing Salah Shehada, a savage Hamas mastermind, and one of his top aides. A dozen Palestinian civilians died in the attack, including members of Shehada's family. The civilian deaths may be lamentable, but they also were justifiable. A terrorist leader used his relatives and neighbours as shields, and they died with him. Their deaths were Shehada's fault, not Israel's.


IRS reveals smoking gun

July 29, 2002


The mystery surrounding Internal Revenue Service tax
audits against critics of President Bill Clinton
during his administration has been cracked. A smoking
gun has just been released by the IRS. The
unmistakable evidence is that the supposedly
nonpolitical tax agency responds to complaints by
prominent politicians.


Many of the people in position to make war have never fought one

July 26, 2002

by Jack Mabley

"It doesn't take any courage to order men into

- Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

The nation's oldest newspaper, the New Hampshire
Gazette, has published what it calls "The Chickenhawk

"A chickenhawk," the Gazette explains, "is a term
often applied to public persons - generally male, who
(1) tend to advocate, or are fervent supporters of
those who advocate military solutions to political