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N.Y. Parents Speak Out: ACS a “Fraudulent Entity” – Abuses and Takes Children Away from Families

It has been well documented that Child Welfare Services across the country disproportionately targets poor families in removing children, when often their only “crime” is being poor. See:

The U.S. Foster Care System: Modern Day Slavery and Child Trafficking

Families in New York City who have been abused by Child Protective Services (called ACS – Administration for Children’s Services – in NYC) have a local advocacy group they can turn to for support:

From the FPA Foundation’s website:


How the Government is Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths

Close-up shot of pediatrician giving a three month baby girl intramuscular injection in arm

This latest article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., explains how world governments go to great lengths to hide vaccine-related deaths.

The fact that vaccines do cause deaths sometimes is not even a fact in dispute. In addition to the deaths reported in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the Department of Justice supplies a quarterly report to the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines on cases settled for vaccine injuries and deaths.

Darwinian Biologist Endorses Killing Handicapped Babies Who “Suffer”

War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg. Adolf Hitler’s personal physician, 43-year old Karl Brandt. Brandt was also Reich Commissar for Health and Sanitation, and was indicted by the U.S. prosecution with 22 other Nazi doctors. Brandt was found guilty of participating in and consenting to using concentration camp inmates as guinea pigs in horrible medical experiments, supposedly for the benefit of the armed forces. He was sentenced to death by hanging. Image Source.

Evolution News and Science Today


Irish Philanthropist Vows to Stand Up for Gardasil-Injured Girls Abandoned by Health Services

Jonathan Irwin is a former stud owner and racetrack executive who, in his mature years, devoted his life to a foundation he set up with his wife Mary Ann called the Jack and Jill Foundation. He set up the foundation in 1997 to provide in-home nursing care for severely disabled children, or babies born with life-threatening, debilitating conditions, whose parents would otherwise be unable to afford such services. The Irwins set up the foundation in response to a tragedy which befell their own family in 1996, which would change the course of their lives.

Smart Meters: Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death

Electric utility companies are in the process of installing smart meters at all of their customer locations, which are making thousands of their customers sick. These meters emit microwave radiation in the 900+ megahertz frequency band, which is known to cause weakness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, pain, and immune system disruption. These smart meters broadcast intense bursts of microwave radiation through the air many times per minute, 24-hours a day. [1, 2, 3, 4]


Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines – Exposing and Opposing the Vaccination Agenda

Last January 2017 a close family relative suffered a serious medical emergency requiring hospitalization. His condition was so critical his kidneys shut down. While in the hospital he was given extremely potent drugs in an attempt to stop life threatening abnormal heart beats. A week later his wife received a letter from his cardiologist’s office informing of the need to monitor his liver function via blood tests after his release. The drug he was receiving that required monitoring was Amiodarone.

We researched Amiodarone online and were shocked by what we discovered.

Politics And Diplomacy

Israel's envoy to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen puts the resolution on Jerusalem in the trashbin of history. (photo credit:EREZ LICHTFELD / PERMANENT MISSION OF ISRAEL TO THE UN)

Israel has charged that UNESCO’s actions have helped Palestinians use the Temple Mount to incite violence against Israel.

“UNESCO is a full partner to the false incitement by Palestinians and radical Islam who claim that Al-Aksa [Temple Mount mosque] is in danger,” Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO in Paris Carmel Shama HaCohen said on Thursday.


I’m Changing the World with Punk Psychology

I have a special message for you (for everyone!), which is that things can change! Life as it has been up till now does NOT have to be the way it is FROM now!

In fact I can go further than that and say if you DON’T change something, you’ll find yourself just growing old… The mental hills will get steeper and your footsteps will get slower and slower.


Fecal matter found in drinks from several popular fast-food chains

A watchdog television program in the United Kingdom has given fast-food consumers a tidbit of information they likely didn’t want to know: Their drinks are contaminated with fecal matter.

The BBC Watchdog program investigators tested fast-food chain locations at random, including KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s. To be exact, they tested samples from three different McDonald’s locations, six samples from Burger King restaurants, and seven KFC locations.


You may not be familiar with the juniper berry, but if you’ve ever indulged in a spot of gin, you will recognize the piney flavor of juniper. The first thing to know about the juniper berry is that it is not actually a true berry, but rather a cone with a berry-like appearance.