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Banned pharmaceutical drugs discovered in the U.S. meat supply, USDA decides to do nothing

A new article in Consumer Reports has blown the lid off an ongoing food safety scandal – and revealed that traces of banned and restricted pharmaceutical drugs have been found in beef, poultry and pork headed for supermarkets and supper tables throughout the United States.

Don’t Tell Anyone but its Still Summer

Armstrong Economics writes, “I find it really incredible how these people promote that everything on the planet is somehow our fault. Most of the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, from the time of Cleopatra is under water.

Coca-Cola looking to infuse popular beverages with CBD from cannabis

Coca-Cola is looking to enter the budding cannabis industry with a line of specialty beverages. With annual soda sales dropping year after year, the promise of the booming marijuana market is no doubt appealing.

Your body needs to have the proper balance between oxidants and antioxidants for muscle recovery

The body needs a proper balance between oxidants and antioxidants for muscle recovery. Research has revealed that reactive oxygen species – at the right time and right place – are actually necessary for muscle recovery.

Edible coating made with ginger essential oil decreases microbial activity of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in cheese

Adding an edible coating made from ginger essential oil can help prolong the shelf life of kashar cheese, according to researchers from Ege University in Turkey.

Natural salt can help heal you from chronic illness – and modern research is validating this

Salt is not just a condiment or an ingredient used in cooking – it can also help you recover from chronic illness, including cancer.

An anthraquinone derived from the cheese fruit is being studied as a potential cancer remedy

Researchers have discovered that nordamnacanthal, an anthraquinone found in cheese fruit (Morinda citrifolia), possesses anti-cancer properties.

Methylmercury measured in rice-based infant cereal; infant daily dietary intake estimation of methylmercury

Large amounts of methylmercury (MeHG) in rice-based infant cereal can create developmental issues in babies and children. This is the finding of a recent research published in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.