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Hulda Clark Zapper

In 1993, Dr. Hulda Clark wrote a best seller book, "The Cure For All Cancers", followed by "Cure for All Diseases" in 1995, in which she explained that diseases in general had several common causes, including environmental contaminants and parasites. She was very quickly attacked by mainstream medicine and labeled as a quack. Now, 20 years later, it is becoming more apparent that while she may have made some errors in her work, Dr. Clark was fundamentally correct.

One of her claims was that an inexpensive electronic device could overcome and disable many infectious microbes and parasites in the body. The medical industry was incensed and attacked her and others relentlessly over this device, often called the Hulda Clark Zapper, or the Parasite Zapper. Several companies were raided and forced to issue refunds to their customers, strictly because they made unsubstantiated claims, claims that they could not prove to the satisfaction of government bureaucrats.

One company, ParaZapper, published customer survey statistics on their site rather than making outright claims. In 2006, the FDA and several other law enforcement agencies raided this company, taking equipment and customer records. They contacted people on the customer list but could not find any customers who were dissatisfied and wanted to request a refund. Additionally, the customers did not provide any safety complaints. Being unable to prosecute, the FDA was ordered to return the company property and subsequently send a letter. The letter, which is still available on the internet, stated basically, because of the statistics that had been published, the devices, when sold for treating illness or disease, or healing, were considered to be Class-3 Medical Devices and had to be registered and approved through the FDA's approval process.

The company re-opened in Oct. 2006 with a new web-site, and only sold the same basic products for experimentally killing microbes, such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and yeast in water. This company has continued to grow and improve its products despite efforts to suppress it. Since 2006, there have been a few studies published that show that electric pulses actually can disable and destroy these microbes. So we know now, that while these products have not been shown to heal, if they were made available for such practices, they can promote and facilitate healing by disabling infectious organisms. These devices use a process called LVPEF ( Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields ) for disabling microbes, which is less powerful than a TENS unit but it is the difference in waveform that it is believed makes it effective.

While these devices are specifically not sold for healing or treating disease, it is your right to use them for such purposes, and you may be interested in reading more on this topic and others at: . The site has over 100 pages of health related information and sells a book about zapping. At the bottom of the menu, click more topics.

Supporting information can be found at: Parasite Zapper Hoax, Scam, or Real? The Best Hulda Clark Zappers can be found at Hulda Clark ParaZapper ™ where they sell ParaZapper ™ products for experimentally killing microbes in water. shows a number of antique medical electric devices. The Book "Cure for all Diseases" is available for free download in PDF form at .