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Antibiotic resistant microbes, a new approach

As a result of the continued over use of antibiotics, there has been a rise in the presence of antibiotic resistant microbes such as MSRA. There are also several new occurrences of previously rare illness such as flesh eating bacteria. It seems that the medical industry is in dire need of new tools to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria and other infectious microbes. Sadly, the medical industry has not been known for either its foresight nor for open-mindedness. It is better known for its stodgy resistance to change and improvement. The result of this is a serious increase in the death rate from antibiotic resistant infections.

People are dying from these infections often because doctors are afraid of doing things outside of currently accepted practice. Other doctors just refuse to believe that these alternatives could work, so they just do not try. Either way, because the alternatives are not profitable, they just are not inviting to the efforts of many health professionals. The issue runs far deeper than this, however, because it goes to the core motivation of the AMA, ADA, and other medical professional organizations. These groups are existent specifically for the support and preservation of the income and status of the members of the group. Anything that may threaten the status or income is dealt with in no uncertain terms.

In other cases, the doctors just wait until it is completely too late for anything to have an effect to use an alternative. With the end result that follows taking a too late action, their response is, see it did not work either. Whenever alternatives or non-traditional measures are taken by others and success is noted, they are immediately attacked by such groups as quackwatch, which by the way has rarely if ever listed any M.D.s on its site although many are convicted yearly. This just goes to show that is in itself, pure quackery and the greatest form of hypocrisy.

Among these alternatives is colloidal silver, which is a solution of silver particles in water which has strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Silver was used for centuries before antibiotics were discovered, but is now considered by the medical profession to be worthless? So, what is going on here other than just more hypocrisy? Silver is a very valuable and effective antibiotic that works when other antibiotics do not work.

On occasion, in desperation, people are ignoring their doctors and resorting to old home remedies and remedies that were once considered to be quack medicines and techniques. Things such as colloidal silver are growing in popularity. Another practice that is returning is the use of poultices

One practice that has been in use for over 250 years is the use of low voltage, low current electricity. As far back as the 1750's, there have been clinics that use nothing but electricity for healing. Among the originators was John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church. The medical industry has in response, done everything possible to impede and defame the use of electricity for healing even though scientific studies show that many forms of electricity work as both antibiotics and immune boosters.

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