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Pet Herbs

"Pet herbs" may be considered quite a strange term however in truth there are many herbal remedies which are great for your pets. All manner of illness, parasites and injuries can be cured with pet herbs and you may also save yourself many a vet bill from using such herbs.

Cuts can be simply disinfected and healing promoted by spraying a tea made from Calendula flowers onto the injured area or alternatively you can have a salve made with Calendula flowers. When using a salve you will need to cover the area with a bandage as pets are likely to lick it off.

Garlic is excellent for ear infections which can be administered twice daily in oil form. You will probably find that your pet loves this attention especially as you massage their ears. Garlic chopped up into your pet's food is a very good way of removing worms and other digestive parasites.

Goldenseal or Eyebright eases infected and sore eyes of most pets

Orange oil effectively kills fleas. That might sound harsh for animal lovers but when it's your pet's health and happiness over the life of fleas there is certainly no contest. In addition to this, a tincture of Yarrow will strongly discourage fleas from returning.

This next cure using pet herbs may make you laugh with the irony of it. Foxtails are a really annoying sticky grass seed that many cats and dogs get stuck in their paws. These can be a real nuisance as the can make your pet's paws sore and even infected. So how can you easily remove these pesky Foxtail seeds from your pets' paws? With a Foxtail poultice! Simply blend up a few leaves, mix with water and administer.

Callendula helps to ease all manner of skin problems in pets. Like humans, pets often like being massaged and a few drops of rose oil in almond oil has a wonderful softening effect as well as the massage being beneficial in itself.

Pets, just like humans can become agitated, stressed, and even hyperactive. Thankfully, there are a few pet herbs like Valerian, St, John's Wort and Chammomile that soothe your pet's nerves which can easily be given in capsule or tablet form. Of course we're talking of very small doses here therefore never think that your pet can take the same amount of herbal remedy as yourself.

When using all herbal pet remedies it is first wise to consult with a professional herbalist and your vet just to make sure that what you are giving your pet is safe. In doing so will give you piece of mind when administering any herbal treatments to relieve your pets illness or keep them healthy for life.

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