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It’s A New World After All

Book Title: It’s A New World After All

Author: Michelle Engel

Publisher: Interactive Media Publishing
Publisher Address: P. O. Box 1407
Phoenix, OR 97535

Price: $24.50 Publication Date: 2005 Page Count: 188

Reviewer Contact Information:
Vijay Gibson
PO Box 253
Butte Falls, OR 97522

This inspirational and enlightening paperback is designed to open anywhere to find your personal message in the moment of now. Each short section contains a word, a poem, a quote and an essay. Read with a highlighter because you will come back again and again to the messages you find.

It’s A New World After All: Poetry & Prose to Inspire A New World Vision is a must read for anyone seeking spiritual growth, soul evolution, world unity or an awakened consciousness; in short, just about everyone. You don’t have to be religious, or have a problem to benefit from this book.

The book is designed with forty-four sections covering different topics such as: Love, Empowerment, Perception, Unity, Purpose, and Integrity, just to name a few. Each section addresses a different aspect of life and living, and brings us ever closer to a New World Vision of joy and unity. In each section, the left page is devoted to the poem; the right holds the heading and the essay. Preceding each section is a title page that simply contains the word and quotation of that particular section’s concept.

Author Michelle Engel is a certified teacher and has taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades for many years. She has also been an educator in the corporate and spiritual realms. As an author, she has published 14 visionary books, including (but not limited to) "Life Inspired", "Being Real", "My Heart Is Smart", "The Value Of Love" and "A God’s Eye View". As an artist, she has created "Eye Opener Reminder Cards" and decorative pieces of framed art with favorite poems and quotations from "It’s A New World After All". She leads transformational workshops and has touched the hearts of many as a speaker. Michelle is the founder of Visionary Solutions, a non-profit organization to promote spiritual education and healing through cooperation, networking and exponential training project strategies. Michelle’s pioneering work and implementation of group consciousness applications is creating dramatic beneficial shifts individually and globally, cooperating in the conscious creation of "A New World Vision".

"It’s A New World After All" makes an excellent inspirational, refreshing gift for Christmas, birthdays, friendship or anytime. Suitable for the coffee table or the powder room, it can be read cover to cover or any portion of a topic, the quote, or poem, or essay.

Individuals seeking inner growth as well as groups seeking spiritual insight can read Michelle’s book and discuss these expanding ideas with family, friends, or among members of your group.

By Vijay Gibson, an experienced writer with more than ten years professional writing.

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