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Are you Stressed?

Are you stressed? Be it family or work problems, money issues, sickness, depression, travel stress or just the pressures of life. You may need to practice better stress-management skills. The key to reducing stress and gaining power over problems is to become adept at relaxing. One such option is Qi Gong (Chi Kung) which are gentle Chinese exercises combining breath, movement, and meditation to increase vitality and reduce stress. "The Spirit of Qi Gong" video introduces these simple healing movements benefiting men and women of all ages.

With only a 15 minute Qigong practice you can increase energy, sexual vitality, boost immunity and balance hormones. Dr. Davis specializes in Medical Qi Gong and Qigong for Women. Dr. Davis' Spirit of Qi Gong video is referred to by Spirituality and Health magazine as one of the top 3 great resources on Qigong in the United States. Dr. Davis decided to release the video first and then the book. "The Spirit of Qi Gong" video is an inspiring, instructional journey into China's ancient art of self-healing. one of the best, inexpensive, and relaxing ways for men and women of all ages to master the basics of Qi Gong in a few minutes daily -- easily, quickly, without classes. By following a daily routine, even for fifteen minutes, you can learn to harness your own energy and heal many ailments ranging from headaches to insomnia. Filmed outdoors on location in some of the world's most beautiful places,including Yosemite. By practicing the easy exercises in this healing video, people have reported better sleep, less stress, more energy, enhanced memory, and a revitalized sex life. Women find Qi Gong helpful in easing PMS and menopausal symptoms.

What reviewers are saying about Deborah Davis' latest video release: "The Spirit of Qi Gong":

"A must for people interested in stress reduction, longevity, sexual vitality, optimum health and peak performance..."

"A complete kit for simple holistic self-care and mind-body exercises in the New Millennium. The sound track of beautiful soothing

music alone is worth the price of the entire video."

For more information contact Deborah Davis at 800-723-6966 or visit the website at

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