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Three Factors In Male Enhancement

Are you starting to have less sex and hardness as you age? Look at this as a gift, since hardness or erectile dysfunction is a sign that you need to get a health check up. If you feel your hardness or lack of hardness is a result of anxiety or stress from your marriage or work, then try the new natural male enhancement herbal pills.

When you have erectile dysfunction, this is an early warning sign that you are losing your health. It’s time to take this condition serious, if it is persistent. Go to a doctor and tell him about your problem and that you want to have your cholesterol and arteries checked for plaque build up.

It does not matter what age you are. You may think that only older men have hardness problems, but surveys and doctor reports show that men in their 20’s and up can have hardness problems. Good natural male enhancement formulations can temporarily help the younger person.

So, men that are in their 20’s or 30’s also develop erection problems. This also can be related to a heart condition or to anxiety or stress. Young men can have sex three to four times a week and even more. But as time passes this frequency also changes which indicate a change in health. Using a natural male enhancement product can improve your sexual frequency and hardness.

The harder you get the healthier you are. Dr. Steven Lamm has created an erection hardness tool, where he has discovered that hardness is related to cardiovascular health. Dr. Lamm says, “The change in the penis from soft to hard is caused by an intricate partnership involving the brain, blood vessels, nerves, and hormones.”

Men sometimes have problems admitting or dealing with health problems and often refuse to talk or see a doctor. Lack of hardness is one of those conditions that you should not ignore, since hardness is an early symptom that you have issues with your heart, arteries, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

To start with there are three things that are important for getting hard – blood, oxygen, and nitric oxide. As mentioned you need good blood circulation that is provided natural by a healthy cardiovascular system and a strong pumping heart. Blood is pumped into the penis area to enlarge it, and it should go there without putting extra stress into the cardiovascular system. But blood in the penis does not make hard it just makes it bigger. Natural male enhancement products improve blood circulation.

Once you have decided to do something about your cardiovascular condition, you need to start eating using a natural diet. But in complement with this, you need to start using antioxidant supplements. Artery damage and narrowing of the arteries is associated with free radical damage. To stop the progression and prevent further artery damage start taking a good antioxidant supplement. And don’t forget about using natural male enhancement herbs that contain hundreds of antioxidants.

Nitric oxide is a chemical messenger that has work all over your body. But with regard to hardness, nitric oxide in the penis area determines hardness and erection. Having the normal amount of nitric oxide in your blood gives you the normal erection and hardness. Nitric oxide is produced in the first layers of the blood vessel walls. If the blood vessels get blocked, as in plaque buildup, this will affect your hardness.

Making sure you are healthy by diet and exercise will insure that you will never have a problem with hardness and your love life. See your doctor is you have been having hardness issue for a while. If you know that you have good health but temporary have hardness problems using a natural male enhancement product can give you relief.