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How To Do Article Directory Submissions

Doing article directory submissions should become a weekly process where you are promoting your money sites. Submitting articles is a never ending process and as you create money, you should be using article submission services.

There are various ways to do article submitting. Submitting article is time consuming. There are two ways to do this efficiently. First you can purchase an article submitting program. If you do the submitting, it will take you about one hour to submit 40 to 45 articles, depending on how fast you are. If you submit 4 articles to 25 directories this would take you 2.5 hours.

Using software to submit your articles makes a lot of sense. But, if you really want to get the links to not just one site but to your many site - 10, 30, 50, 100 sites then you could end up doing only article submission to directories. Let say you have 30 site and you write one article for each site and you want it to go to 100 directories. This means you would be submitting 3000 entries. At 40 transaction per hour this would take 75 hours.

Do you have the time to submit article to directories using all of your time? I don't think so. You would never have time to develop products, projects, websites, blogs or any other internet marketing details. Now what makes sense is to use an article submission service. You need to be making article submissions to bring in traffic and to increase your web page rankings in google and in other search engines.

Article directory submissions can improve your image and credibility. This happens when you provide quality and useable information. When people read your articles and gain needed information, they want more information from you. They seek out your websites to see what else they can learn.

Articles are written to get people to your websites. Good article give you status and authority to your site. Especially if you have numerous article on your website that provide even more original content for your article reader to consume.

Article directory submissions increase your web traffic. It do this when your articles are read by hundreds of people visiting the directories, looking for informative articles. If they like what they read, most likely they will visit your website.

Submitting your article to directories is a form of cheap advertising. The cost of distributing your articles throughout the internet comes down to software, website, and labor cost. The more articles you submit the cheaper it becomes to article market.

Article submitting should be a major project in your internet marketing process. Since most marketers that make the big money have hundreds of site, it takes a lot of promotion to support these sites. Article marketing reduces the costs. To promote 100 sites with 10 articles each that would be 1000 submissions. Even with software that is semi-automatic, it takes one hour to submit 40 article or 45. At 45 per hour, it would take 22 hours or around 3 days. Would it be better to have a service do your article directory submissions?

Start now looking for a good article submitting service, one that you can communicate with directly and that would give you personal service at a reasonable cost. Ask to have your article submitted over ten days

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