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Do You Know Some Causes of constipation

Most people and even doctors don’t really know what causes constipation. Sometimes constipation can suddenly appear when changes in normal living habits and stressful conditions occurr – flying out of your time zone, having personal confrontations at work or within the family, or a change in diet.

Changes in diet can be the cause of constipation since certain foods cause constipation. Some foods are more difficult to process in the stomach and in the colon. Lack of specific minerals, vitamins, water, or fiber in specific foods can slow fecal matter as it travels through the colon.

One major cause of constipation is the continual eating of processed foods. These foods have little nutritional value, lack fiber, lack water, and are packed with poison additives. This results in colon wall weakness and nerve action for normal peristaltic movement so that fecal matter cannot even be push out of the rectum.

Eating food with little or no fiber creates fecal matter that is mushy or hard and compacted. Mushy or compact fecal matter is hard to move along your colon. Your colon walls tire after many peristaltic movements without fecal matter moving very far. After a time, your colon walls stop trying and you end up with constipation.

Constipation is a body condition you have created by improper living choices, which you can change. It is sometimes an easy symptom to eliminate and at other time difficult to deal with. It occurs from a complex of many things. Like so many other body conditions or illnesses, it is a result of. Here is a list of causes of constipation

· Absorbing too many toxins into the body
· Anxiety and depression
· Being bedridden
· Having colitis, or spastic colon.
· Having diabetes
· Having diseases of the anus or rectum such as Having tumors, diverticulosis
· Drinking coffee
· Drinking milk
· Drinking sodas
· Drinking tea
· Eating excess protein
· Eating food that doesn’t have fiber
· Eating processed foods
· Eating sugars
· Eating to much food at one sitting
· Excess exposure to organophosphate insecticides
· Excess use iron supplements
· Excess use of enemas
· Excess use of seasonings
· Excessive Calcium in the body
· Fatigue
· Food sensitivities
· High fever – colon accumulates heat and hardens stools
· Hypothyroidism, Low levels of thyroid hormone IBS
· Kidney failure
· Lack of good bacteria
· Mineral Deficiency
· Nerve disorders of your bowel
· Not chewing food completely
· Not drinking enough water
· Not enough exercise
· Older people
· Overeating
· Overuse of laxatives
· Overdose of Vitamin D
· Parasites
· Poor digestion
· Postponing a bowel movement
· Pregnancy
· Premenstrual tension
· Spinal injuries – people with these injuries can have damage to the nerves that regulate bowel moments
· Toxic liver
· Use of prescription drugs
· Various diseases

Constipation can be a symptom of the start of a disease or illness. Check the above list and slowly eliminate those habit you have that cause constipation. Start making changes in your diet, health practices, and in the supplements you take. Doing this will help you eliminate some of the constipation causes.

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