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MOSES No Prophet Greater Than Moses. (God of Earth and the Atmospherian Heavens above it is quoted below.) “I teach both angels and mortals, they shall not worship any one born of woman. And behold, my foot-prints can not be mistaken; I raised up Zarathustra, and the man Brahma, and Abraham and Moses and Po and Chine and Capilya. Yet, not one of these, with all the wonders they accomplished, was worshipped by their followers; yet, who was greater than Moses that stretched forth his hand, and said: “Come! Come!” and four millions of people, in bondage, marched out of Egupt?” “Yet none worshipped Moses.” (God of Earth and the Atmospherian Heavens above it is quoted below.) God’s Book of Eskra, Chapter LXIII, verses 12-18 Source: Oahspe, A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors by John Ballou Newbrough [1882] (based on 3rd edition of 1912) OAHSPE A KOSMON BIBLE IN THE WORDS OF JEHOVIH AND HISANGEL EMBASSADORS by John Ballou Newbrough, [1880], Third Edition[1912] ANNO KOSMON 64 Oahspe God’s Book of Eskra, Chapter LIII GOD CONTINUETH TO JUDGE THE FOUR FALSE GODS. 1. IN the name of the Almighty, greeting unto you. 2. A thousand years ago, the grades of your heavenly subjects were from thirty to fifty; now, they are fallen to fifteen. 3. As ye have declined the grades of the angels in your heavens, even so have ye declined the grades of mortals within your dominions. 4. Instead of well-tilled fields and good orchards, ye have given them war, widows, orphans, paupers, debauchees, thieves and murderers. 5. Instead of giving them good harvests, ye have given them famines and pestilences. p. 721 6. For your ashars inspire the priests, and they in turn entice their followers away from the fields, to come and dwell in the cities, where they can be conveniently absolved from neglect in not confessing you. 7. Thus have ye set aside good works and instruction and the desire for the knowledge, both within your heavenly kingdoms and on the earth also; and, instead thereof, ye have given them rites and ceremonies, leading angels and mortals as if they were cattle for your markets. 8. Instead of teaching angels and mortals to think for themselves, ye have prohibited them from thinking, save as your leaders think for them. 9. Thus have ye thwarted, with all your might, the cultivations of the talents Jehovih created with all. 10. Say not, that I, Jehovih's Son, desire subjects or worshipers; behold, I prohibit both angels and mortals from worshipping me, or announcing me or my kingdoms, as the all highest. 11. I teach them, One only is the All Highest, even Jehovih. 12. I teach them, that I am but Jehovih's servant, working for the resurrection of mortals and angels. 13. I teach both angels and mortals, they shall not worship any one born of woman. 14. And behold, my foot-prints can not be mistaken; I raised up Zarathustra, and the man Brahma, and Abraham and Moses and Po and Chine and Capilya. 15. Yet, not one of these, with all the wonders they accomplished, was worshipped by their followers 16. Yet, who was greater than Moses? that stretched forth his hand, and said: Come! Come! 17. And four millions of people, in bondage, marched out of Egupt! 18. Yet none worshipped Moses. 19. Behold, the seventy colonies founded by Zarathustra, and yet they worshipped not him. 20. Behold Chine, who named the empire, who turned three hundred millions of warriors to a people of peace. 21. Behold Capilya, who overturned the laws of thirteen kingdoms in Vind'yu, and gave peace and plenty to a hundred millions of people. 22. Yet, not Chine nor Capilya were worshipped. 23. But ye harp on the idle tales of obscure magicians, and teach mortals to worship them. 24. Nevertheless, ye have caused to be preached, in your heavens, that I am a God like unto yourselves, working for mine own glory. 25. Now, behold, I prepare my angel hosts in wisdom and virtue, that they may go away from me, and inherit the etherean heavens above. 26. For this was my labor for which Jehovih, through His exalted Gods, made me God of the earth and her heavens. 27. And I have sent thus away, as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, thousands of millions of angels, whom I had raised to grade ninety-nine. 28. Yet, in all the time of your dominions ye have not raised one angel to the emancipated grades. 29. Such as are wise within your dominions, tire of your pomp and splendor, and, in course of time, come to my heavens, and renounce all Lords and Gods, and betroth themselves to Jehovih only. 30. And I give them places in my schools, colleges, hospitals and factories, and thus educate them, that they may, indeed, in time, become fit companions to Gods and Goddesses. 31. Thus are your kingdoms forever depleted of your highest grades. So that your heavenly kingdoms and your earthly dominions have chiefly the ignorant and depraved as your idolaters. Page xi LIST OF THE PRINCIPAL PROPHETS AND LAW-GIVERS. (For fuller information than is given below. see Index.)* ZARATHUSTRA (Zoa-raaster) (Page 174). Erroneously called Zoraaster, a Persian lawgiver who lived in the, cycle of Fragapatti, eight thousand nine hundred years ago, the farthest back of all historical characters. Both Buddhist and Christian religions are said to be made up chiefly from the history and miracles of Zarathustra. It was to obliterate such history that Coatulus, a Christian priest, burned the Alexandrian Library in the year 390. And for the same purpose, and more effectually, did three Christian monks again burn it in the year 640. Zarathustra was of enormous size, and of neither sex, being an i-e-su. Book of Gods Word, Chapter II, Verse 3 And search ye out seed of the I'hin race, and by inspiration lead them to the fairest daughters of I'hua, in the city of Oas; and they shall be tempted, and anon a quickened fruit shall ripen in the city, sons and daughters. Again go ye to the I'hins, and by inspiration bring others and have them tempted by the improved fruit. And yet again repeat this method, and in the sixth generation ye shall raise up a son having the gifts of su'is and sar'gis, and ye shall call him Zarathustra. Page. 311b First Book of God BEING COTEMPORANEOUS WITH THE BOOK OF CPENTA-ARMIJ, DAUGHTER OF JEHOVIH. AS THE UPPER BOOK RELATETH TO THE HIGHER HEAVENS, SO IN LIKE MANNER DEALETH THE FIRST BOOK OF GOD WITH THE LOWER HEAVENS AND WITH THE EARTH, FOR THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME. FOR WHICH REASON THIS BOOK IS PLACED BELOW THE OTHER. THIS BOOK TREATETH FULLY OF THE FOUR GREAT PERSONS CHOSEN BY GOD, NAMELY: PO, OF CHINE'YA, INSPIRED BY THE GOD YIMA; BRAHMA, OF VIND'YU, INSPIRED BY THE GOD DIV; ABRAM, OF PARSI'E, AND AFTERWARD OF EGUPT, INSPIRED BY THE GOD VISHNU; AND EA-WAH-TAH, OF NORTH GUATAMA, INSPIRED BY THE GOD OS. AND THESE INSPIRATIONS WERE FOR THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME, KNOWN IN THE KINGDOMS OF HEAVEN AS THE TIME OF THE ARC OF BON. THESE FOUR GODS WERE THE CHIEF DIVAN GODS OF THAT DAY, HA'CHUE BEING DIV IN CHIEF. Chapter I 1. THE Creator of creations: Out of Whom are all voices: Of Whom are all things in semblance. From Him and in Him these utterances. By His Gods and Lords and high-raised angels and mortals. 2. Into Whose dominion gave He the earth for the glory of Jehovih, Whose God came and walked and talked with such as had been prepared for the deliverance of His chosen. 3. For the four preserved divisions of the earth gave he four Sons of holy light and power for the voice of God and his Lords:p. 312b 4. Po, of Jaffeth; Abram, of Arabin'ya; Brahma, of Vindyu, and Eawahtah, of Guatama, whose records are everlasting on the earth, which are testimony that these men were raised up by the Father for His Own glory, and for the deliverance of men. PO (Page 312), Of Jaffeth (afterward called China), was also an i-e-su. He was a lawgiver cotemporaneous with Abram of Persia, living about five thousand eight hundred years ago, and in the cycle of Cpenta-armij. He also taught, like Zarathustra, the doctrine of one Great Spirit, which doctrine he re-established in Jaffeth (China). ABRAM (Page 324), Afterward called Abraham an I'huan, large and red, like new copper, and had. black hair and long beard, fierce to look upon, but his soul was gentle as a woman's. He was a Persian, and the founder of the ancient Hebrews or Iz'zerlites, and also the founder of migration for religion's sake. He took his followers into Egupt (Egypt). Chapter VIII THE FIRST FONECEAN BIBLE.--BEING OF ABRAM, A MAN CHOSEN BY GOD FOR THE CHILDREN OF ARABIN'YA. OUT of the hosts of Parsi'e, who were of the people of Shem, who were since the days of the flood, came Abram, a man chosen by God, in the arcs of Spe-ta and Bon, for the deliverance of the Faithists of Arabin'ya. God said: Because they have not raised up one out of the sons of Ham, thy name shall be, henceforth, Abra-Ham, and it shall be testimony in thousands of years of my records in the libraries of heaven. BRA (Page 339), (Called BRAHMA), An East Indian lawgiver, cotemporaneous with Po and Abram. He was a large man of great strength, and ranked the highest spiritually of all mortals. He re-established the Zarathustrian religion in India. Chapter XIV FIRST BIBLE OF VIND'YU.--BEING OF BRAHMA, A MAN CHOSEN BY GOD FOR THE CHILDREN OF VIND'YU. GIVING AN ACCOUNT OF BRAHMA BECOMING AN IESU; OF HIS LABORS AND HIS RESURRECTION AFTER DEATH. 1. THESE are the races of Brahma: Gons, Shone, Gamma, This, Ram, Zerl, Mex, Shriv, Vat, Eun and Delta, each a thousand years. Of Gamma and Delta, in the upper country (Wa-wa-o-gan), were born Gu-sem and Hagu by Gamma, and by Delta, Yots, Rammus, Borgl, Otesiv and Riv. Gamma was of the fourth descent of Git-ow; and Delta the third descent of E'wangga--I'hins from the land of Jaffeth. 2. The ascending caste of light in the lower country (Ho-jon-da-tivi) was by Ram, first; then Zerl, I'hin migrants p. 340b from the land of Ham; then Shriv, then Vat, then Gons and Eun, the half-breed Druks; then Shone, and then This. 3. Jehovih, who by the Brahmins was called Ormazd, sent His light to the earth world once for every hundred generations. And the light fell upon His sons, prepared from before their births by the angels of Ormazd. Of the times before the submersion of Pan, each cycle was called one MAN, and the length of his life three thousand years. 4. But of the times after, Ormazd commanded the nations of the earth to be rated as a man, and it was so. Ormazd said: That man may not be confounded, thou shalt number Osiris with the generations that believe not, save in the sun; but of the Zarathustrians, their number shall be as those who survived in the darkness of his cycle. 5. Which were: Zarathustra from the races of Shone and This; and of Zarathustra, Haman; of Haman, Wonchakaka, who begat Zoar, who begat Theo, who begat Andassah, who begat Mur, who begat Romsat; these were tribes of the Zarathustrian order, who rejected idols, Lords, Gods, Saviors, kings, queens, and all other rulers on the earth or in the heavens above the earth, save Ormazd, the Creator. And in Him had faith that to do righteously, and practice good works, made the best, nearest perfect man. 6. The Light by the Voice was lost in the sixth hundredth year after Zarathustra, but regained in Romsat by the I'hins, whence came the tribe Lo-jon, who begat Thonegalahogreif, who begat Subinij, and from him to Wowthutchi-subinij, which were forty-four generations, the Voice always came to the chief rab'bah. 7. In Chusa-king the Voice was lost, but again restored by the I'hins, whose heirs were called Wah-sin-chung, who begat Avar, who begat Irigavagna, who begat Ben-haoma, from whom was descended thirty generations, the chief rab'bah of whom could hear the Voice. 8. Ben-haoma numbered the Faithists of his day, and there were of them four thousand, men, women and children, and all other nations and tribes in Vind'yu were idolators. 9. Through the descendants of Romsat the Voice was again regained by the I'hins, through a tribe called p. 341b Shriviyata, who begat Them-saga, who begat Friavamargalum, who bred with the I'hins and begat Thace, who begat with the I'hins Anu, who begat the I'hins Maha, who begat with the I'hins Brah, who had both voice and power from the Father. And he was called Brahma because of his great wisdom. 10. The angels of Ormazd had prophesied, saying: Out of thy seed shall come one called BRAHMA, who shall have su'is with power. Things that were revealed to Zarathustra have been lost, but shall be recovered in Brahma. 11. Romsat had prophesied, moreover: With the coming of Brahma is the end of the I'hin race in Shem (Vind'yu). 12. God spake in kosmon, saying: Let no man say: With Brahma, or with Abram, or with Po, or with Eawahtah, was the beginning of the doctrine of One Spirit. For since man walked upright on the earth, behold, I have said unto him: Thou shalt have but one God, even the Creator. And in the cycles of my times I have raised up many who have comprehended my words, but others constantly put away the I AM, and raise up idols instead. 13. But let all men understand who and what, is meant by the terms, Po, and Abram, and Brahma, and Eawahtah, which is, that though I walked the earth with these, teaching and speaking through them, yet none of these were idolized by men. For the nations of the earth, in the time of these four men, comprehended that they were not Gods, but men through whom, and to whom, I, even God, had spoken. 14. Brahma said: Have all men stars? Behold, since my childhood up, I have had a star above my forehead. 15. No man could answer Brahma. They said: Brahma is foolish, with all his wisdom. 16. Brahma asked the star: Who art thou? 17. God said: I am thy star; I am the light of the second heavens. 18. Brahma asked: What is thy name, O star, thou mysterious light? 19. God said: Call me Ormazd; I am the same light that spoke to Zarathustra in the olden time. 20. Brahma asked: Who art thou, O Ormazd, thou voice of light? 21. God said: With one only shalt thou commune, thy Creator; one only shalt thou worship, He who made thee alive. p. 342b 22. Brahma said: Why hast thou taken up thy abode above my head? 23. God said: Attain thou to be one with thy Creator, in wisdom, and goodness, and purity, and thou shalt answer thine own questions. YU-TIV (Page 362), Fairest of women, wife of Brahma. No portrait available. Chapter XXIII 1. THE angel of God came in the sacred circle and stood in the midst. He said: Greeting, in the name of Ormazd! In His name I speak before you. First, then, who of all that was dearest to Brahma, he or she, shall arise! 2. And lo and behold, there arose every man, woman and child, more than ten thousand. The angel said: By the side of Yu-tiv shall ye, his most beloved, bury his body. On the third day after his death, even at the hour of his death, shall ye bury him. And around about the grave shall ye sit thrice a day, morning, noon and night, for one hour, singing and praying for the soul of Brahma, for two days. 3. And behold, on the evening of the second day ye shall behold the graves of both Brahma and Yu-tiv opened, and their very bodies will come forth, and Brahma shall speak with you face to face. The angel then disappeared. 4. And the people did as commanded; and they sat watching around the p. 362 graves in a circle, at a distance of ten paces there from. And the brothers favored Hog above all the rest, that he might be converted. And it came to pass, when the sun had been two hours set, there descended into the midst of the circle a light, bright as the sun, so that the multitude held their hands before their eyes; and so bright was the light that even the graves could not be seen, and the graves were burst open. 5. And in the space of a moment of time, the light was lowered, so all could look therein; and, lo and behold, Brahma and Yu-tiv, arm in arm, stood in the midst of the circle, even with their flesh and bones and their burial robes. 6. Brahma said: Have ye faith in the Creator; with Him are all things possible. He is the All Master of all things. Accept ye not, forever, any God, or Lord, or Savior, or priest, or king, but Him, the everlasting All One, the Person. 7. Practicing good works unto all men; abjuring self in all things; and Ormazd will dwell with you and in you forever. 8. Then Brahma and Yu-tiv came near Hog, that he might see clearly. Hog said: Art thou truly Brahma, my father; and thou, too, Yu-tiv, my mother? Yu-tiv spake not, but Brahma said: I am thy father, even Brahma. To practice the highest light a man hath; that is all that is required of any man. 9. Hog said: Of a truth it is my father! Of a truth it is my mother! 10. Brahma said: We are blessed! This is the first belief; to believe in the spirit surviving the corporeal body; the second belief is to learn the All Person. After this cometh faith. 11. Hog said: Thou hast proved the first; but as to the All Person, I cannot understand. 12. Brahma said: As I and thy mother have revealed ourselves to thee, and so proven ourselves, so in due season will Ormazd reveal Himself unto thee. 13. And these were the end. Brahma and Yu-tiv rose up in the sea of fire, smiling and waving their hands in love to those beneath, higher and higher, till they disappeared in the sky. 14. Then went the people, and witnessed that the graves were open and the bodies gone. They filled up the places, and set a post inscribed: TOMB OF BRAHMA AND YU-TIV, GOD AND GODDESS. EA-WAH-TAH (Page 362), Chapter XXIV THE FIRST BIBLE OF GUATAMA (AMERICA).--BEING OF EAWAHTAH, A MAN CHOSEN BY GOD FOR THE CHILDREN OF GUATAMA. A North American, cotemporaneous with Po, Abram, and Brahma. He was taller than any other man, with a bright shining face of copper. He established amongst the North Americans of his time the worship of the Great Spirit, and his doctrines are still held by most of the tribes of North American Indians, who refuse to accept any other God or Saviour. Ea-wah-tah established the United States of America, but called by the name O-pah-e-go-quim or Algonquin. The model of his independent nations, united in one, was that which was adopted in the formation of the present United States of America by the whites. THOTHMA (Hojax) (Page 442), Book of the Wars Against Jehovih Chapter XLVII The builder of the great pyramid in Egypt, and one of the greatest adepts that ever lived. He could hear the Gods and talk with them understandingly, and could cast himself in the death trance and go spiritually into the lower heavens and return at will. He was under the inspiration of the false God Osiris through his great angel servant Gods Baal and Egupt. He laboured to establish immortality in the flesh; that is, to make the mortal body incorruptible so that it would never die. But with all the forces of his will and by his great learning he could not stay the withering of the flesh, and he died on the day he was one hundred years old. CAPILYA (Page 458), Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih Chapter I KNOWN IN HEAVEN AS THE DAWN OF BON, AND ON EARTH AS THE CYCLE OF MOSES, CAPILYA AND CHINE! JEHOVIH SAID: I GAVE UNTO THE EARTH A TIME OF FULL EARTHHOOD; AND, THAT THE GENERATIONS OF MEN MIGHT KNOW THE PERIOD THEREOF, BEHOLD, I CAUSED MAN TO BUILD A PYRAMID IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD. FOR IT WAS MY MARK, THAT, FROM THAT TIME HENCEFORTH, MAN SHOULD TURN FROM STONE TEMPLES, AND THE HOPE OF EVERLASTING FLESH-LIFE, TO REJOICE IN SPIRITUAL ABODES IN MY ETHEREAN HEAVENS. AND I BROUGHT THE EARTH OUT OF DARKNESS AND ENCOMPASSED IT AROUND WITH THE DAWN OF BON. Of India, an i-e-su, living three thousand four hundred years ago in the cycle of Lika, a lawgiver who restored the believers in one Great Spirit to hold property, and to have the same rights as the worshippers of Gods and Lords. He was to India very similar to what Moses was to the ancient Jews. As Moses was a foster-child of the king of Egypt so was p. xii Capilya a foster-child of the king of India, both receiving a profound education. MOSES (Page 495), Book of the Arc of Bon, Chapter XIII History of Moses of Egupt. An Egyptian lawgiver. He was cotemporaneous with Capilya of India, and Chine of China, living two thousand four hundred years after Abram (3400 B.K.). Moses was a large man, a pure I'huan, copper coloured, and of great strength educated as a prince by his foster-father Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and master of many languages. He rebuilt what had been lost since Abram's time, and also taught the Zarathustrian doctrine of one Great Spirit, Whom they worshipped secretly under the Name Jehovih. But in public worship, and to avoid persecution, they called him God or Lord. The name Jehovih was maintained by Moses as too sacred to be spoken Save in whisper and with month to ear. He taught that spirits who ministered to mortal nations and empires were titled God or Lord. Additional information about Moses is contained in the Book of the Arc of Bon and in God’s Book of Eskra. CHINE (Page 523), Book of the Arc of Bon, Chapter XXI HISTORY OF CHINE (TSCHIN'E), OF JAFFETH, FOUNDER OF CHINA A lawgiver cotemporaneous with Capilya and Moses. He was an i-e-su, and like Moses was of copper colour and very large, but his hair was red like a fox. He was the founder of China, and restored the rights of the believers in Jehovih throughout that great country. Through him was established so firmly the doctrine of one Great Spirit that all China to this day accepts it to such an extent that God or Lord worship cannot get a foothold amongst them worth mentioning. Some of his miracles have never been excelled. SAKAYA (Page 685), God’s Book of Eskra, Chapter XXIV OF THE LABOR OF GOD, JEHOVIH'S SON. Sometimes erroneously called Buddha. He lived about twenty-five hundred Years ago, and was an East Indian by birth. Holding to the doctrine of one Great Spirit only. He was of sub-cycle rank. The term Buddha was wrongly attached to him by his followers something over a thousand years after his death. He also made no account of God or Lord worship. He taught that man's highest attainment was to live for sake of others, and not for one's self. He established convents, nunneries, and monasteries in many places in India, from which country the Christians adopted them, and made them a prominent feature in Europe. KA’YU (Page 692), God’s Book of Eskra, Chapter XIV (Page 672) GOD PROVIDETH FOR THE BIRTH OF KA'YU. (Page 692) God’s Book of Eskra, Chapter XXXI BIRTH OF KA'YU, OTHERWISE CONFUCIUS. Erroneously called Confucius an i-e-su, a lawgiver of sub-cycle rank, of China, living twenty-five hundred years ago. He was one of the most learned men that ever lived, and has to-day more followers than any other lawgiver on earth, being over three hundred million people. He taught the doctrine of one Great Spirit, and to worship Him only. He abridged eighteen thousand books of the ancients, taking the cream of all of them, and condensed them into about twenty books. JOSHU (Page 707), God’s Book of Eskra, Chapter XLII Like Ka'yu and Sakaya, was a law giver of sub-cycle rank. He was of Jewish birth, and also an i-e-su, born near Jerusalem, something less than two thousand years ago. His predecessors were of the tribe called Esseneans, or non-resistants. He laboured to bring the Jews back to their pristine purity. He was a severe preacher, denounced by the people as a blasphemer, and was stoned to death in Jerusalem. He also taught the doctrine of one Great Spirit only. In the Christian New Testament it has been supposed that the so-called Sermon on the Mount is a plagiarism on Joshu's teachings, gotten up by the Ecumenical Council under the direction of the Emperor Constantine. *The Index page is not available.