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Recover Lost Photo

Lost photo restoration software is read only non-destructive program which restore damaged, misplaced or deleted picture from any desktop/laptop computer system as well as flash drives. Download photograph undelete application that provide complete backup of every formatted snaps stored in different storage media device. Windows lost picture retrieval program efficiently retrieves wedding and birthday snaps even after corruption of Master Boot Record (MBR) or Master File Table (MFT) in the hard drives. Digital photo undelete software supports lost picture recovery from all major hard disk drive brand including Samsung, Seagate, Western, Maxtor, Transcend, Kingston, Intel, Sony etc. Professional image restore program retrieval tool support all storage media devices including Smart media, Picture card, Secure digital card (SD) and other USB flash memory multimedia cards. Lost picture revival program efficiently restores lost graphical files and still images due to improper handling of media device like camera, iPod etc. Windows picture undelete tool restore lost photograph, still images even “Volume Not Recognized” error message is displayed by desktop computer. Features: * Digital photo recovery program facilitate user to quickly regain lost images and photographs from USB drives due to software or hardware failure. * Download picture undelete application which safely recovers image file even after corruption of MBR (master boot record) or MFT (master file table). * Advanced image retrieval software also regains lost still snaps when memory card is being pulled out from camera while device was ON. * Windows photo retrieval tool has interactive GUI and full install/uninstall support for Windows operating system. * Lost image restoration tool support recovery of digital snaps from all capacities pen drives, zip drives and hard drives.