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What Happens When Culture Doesn’t Respect Life? Drive-Thru Suicide Machines

It may sound—and look—a lot like a disturbing horrific novel. It’s very real, however, and it’s the latest in what has become the sad fallout of a culture becoming increasingly accepting and affirming of suicide.

This device takes assisted suicide a step further, removing the physician aspect of it. Now you can just hop in a little machine and end your life.

Explosive Investigation Reveals ‘Secret Mechanism’ Congress Uses to Hide Sexual Harassment Cases

*** Update 1 —House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calls for an ethics probe into Congressman John Conyers, saying she has “zero tolerance” for harassment, discrimination, bullying or abuse. Full story HERE.

Original story:

With Hollywood reeling from a seemingly endless flow of sexual assault and harassment allegations, it was only a matter of time before the attention shifted to Washington D.C.

Toilet Found in 3,000-Year-Old Shrine Verifies Bible Stories Against Idol Worship

Archaeologists have discovered a symbolic toilet from the eighth century B.C. in Jerusalem that could be a clue to religious reforms in the Kingdom of Judah. Religious reforms, in this case, is a euphemism for quite literally defecating on the holy places one wishes to drive out of business.


Bionic devices turn humans into superstrong workers

Iron Man suits might not yet be commonplace, but companies from Ford (F) to Lowe's (LOW) are testing new mechanical exoskeletons to enhance -- and extend -- human strength.

Earlier this month, Ford said it was testing four models of exoskeletal arms to help ease fatigue for assembly line workers.

Strangers can talk to your child through 'connected' toys, investigation finds

A consumer group is urging major retailers to withdraw a number of “connected” or “intelligent” toys likely to be popular at Christmas, after finding security failures that it warns could put children’s safety at risk.

Tests carried out by Which? with the German consumer group Stiftung Warentest, and other security research experts, found flaws in Bluetooth and wifi-enabled toys that could enable a stranger to talk to a child.

Emotional TRAGEDY: Antidepressants found to cause delayed depression, according to 10 experts

Rates of depression in the United States have more than doubled in the past few decades. In the years between 1991 and 2002 alone, the prevalence of major depression rose from 3.33 percent to 7.06 percent – and it continues to rise. A growing number of researchers and mental health professionals believe they know the reason why and it’s not a lack of antidepressants in the diet.

Google admits it tracks us even with location services turned off

Think Google can’t see where you are with its location services turned off?

Google tracks us even if we turn off location services, use no apps, and don’t install a SIM card.

The internet giant now admits it grabs data from Android phones with just an internet connection.

Quartz, a media outlet, explains:

Have a "Healthy" Thanksgiving Holiday

Ok, so Thanksgiving doesn’t have the best reputation among holidays, health-wise. Often a day-long food fest that starts with chips and other greasy hors d’oeuvres as you sit and watch hours of football, then segues into a meal dominated by heavy, potato-and-stuffing oriented side dishes. And it’s capped off by cakes and pies of all kinds.



Thirty-five years of twin research have led to incredible insights into how the environment and our genes impact our health

By Catriona May, University of Melbourne

Twins have long held a fascination in our popular imagination. And while stories about telepathy are intriguing, says Director of Twins Research Australia John Hopper, twins hold the key to a more important mystery: nature versus nurture.

Antibiotics: Getting Through Purgatory

For several years now, we have talked frequently about the end of the age of antibiotics. As a result of over-prescribing and wide-spread use in the meat, poultry, and dairy industries--not to mention fish farming and the ability of pathogens to easily evolve around traditional man-made antipathogens--the standard arsenal of antibiotics is under severe stress.