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Your Child NEEDS the HPV Vaccine: 13 Reasons Why the CDC is Right

Does your child need the HPV vaccine to protect her against the human papillomavirus?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say a resounding “Yes!”

Your child NEEDS the HPV/Gardasil vaccine.

Gardasil is recommended by the CDC for all children between the ages of 11 and 12 years old.

Your child will need two shots, given six to twelve months apart.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of over 150 viruses. Some types can cause genital warts. Others can lead to cervical and other kinds of cancer.

You don’t want your precious baby to get genital warts, do you?

You don’t want your kid to die from cancer, do you?

You’re not a heartless baby killer, after all. Or are you?

C’mon, this vaccine is a no-brainer. In fact, anyone who even considers telling a parent that there are pros and cons to the HPV vaccine is committing a “hanging offense,” to borrow a turn of phrase from the Boston Herald’s Rachelle Cohen. (We loved your editorial, by the way. Thumbs up, Rachelle!)

And, since we seem to be going into the business of hanging medical freedom and children’s health advocates, perhaps we ought also to hang any parents who choose to forgo the HPV vaccine?

And while, we’re at it, how about the children who say, “No, thank you,” to the HPV vaccine themselves? We could hang them too.

In case what you’ve already read is not enough to convince you that your child NEEDS the HPV vaccine RIGHT NOW WITH NO FURTHER DELAY, here are 13 more reasons the CDC is right and your child should get the Gardasil vaccine.

13 Reasons Why The CDC is Right and Your Child Needs the HPV Vaccine

  1. You don’t care that the HPV vaccine program was halted in Japan.

The Japanese government stopped giving the Gardasil vaccine in 2013 after health officials recorded nearly 2,000 adverse reactions, according to the Tokyo Times.

Too bad, so sad.

Who cares?

What do the Japanese know, anyway?

Ah, right. Japanese health authorities recognized that the whole-cell pertussis vaccine was causing brain damage in healthy children and introduced a safer and equally as effective vaccine in 1981, a full SIXTEEN YEARS before American health officials paid real attention and recommended an acellular vaccine for widespread use in the United States…

  1. The side effects of the HPV vaccine don’t concern you.

    Reported side effects from the Gardasil vaccine include fainting, seizures, brain damage, paralysis, speech problems, short-term memory loss, pancreatitis, and even death. But what’s a little death compared to preventing cervical cancer?

  2. You don’t give two hoots about Shazel Zaman,

the 13-year-old girl who started vomiting immediately following vaccination.

Shazel Zaman was so dizzy and had such a severe headache that she ended up in the hospital.

Shazel Zaman died five days after receiving the HPV vaccine at Derby High School in England.

Just another unfortunate coincidence!

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