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Why You Shouldn’t Eat The New Marshmallow-Only Lucky Charms Cereal

Though General Mills has managed to make 75 percent of their cereals free of artificial colors and flavors , one cereal seems to have them stumped on how to make it taste good without the harmful ingredients: Lucky Charms. So as their genius solution, they’ve decided to do the complete opposite of their healthy cereal agenda and instead make 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms to give away in their latest and quite possibly zaniest sweepstakes. Sounds like a great idea right?

They’re Magically, Artificially Delicious

Lucky Charms contains many colors of the artificial rainbow: Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. The Center For Science In The Public Interest reported in a 2010 food dye study that every single one of these artificial colors are not only linked to being carcinogenic and to giving people allergic reactions after ingesting these dyes, but to also causing hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD), particularly in children. Having a cereal completely made up of artificial colors is basically like eating a bowl of chemicals. It is disheartening to think that General Mills would rather release a cereal such as this instead of continuing to figure out a way to make Lucky Charms taste good without all the harmful dyes.

Marshmallow-Only Means More Than 2x The Sugar

One serving of the regular Lucky Charms cereal (3/4 cup) contains 10 grams of sugar versus one serving of the marshmallows-only Lucky Charms which contains 23 grams of sugar, making it more than double! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the marshmallow-only cereal contains no vitamins, mineral, or any vital nutrients. Your breakfast should consist of nutritious foods that are high in fiber, have healthy fats and are made with whole grains so that it can give your body the proper energy it needs, instead of empty calories and loads of sugar that will undoubtedly cause you to have a sugar rush, followed by a sugar crash.

We Want General Mills To Be 100% Free Of Artificial Colors & Flavors

We're tired of companies skirting around the major issue of having harmful artificial colors and flavors in our foods. To us, the solution is simple. General Mills needs to stop taking the easy way out through crazy unhealthy sweepstakes and instead do something that will really help consumers aka they should make all of their cereals completely free of artificial colors and flavors. Don’t you agree?

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