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Why is The Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Government absolving terrorists?

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Another beautiful day. Another normal day. Another terrorist attack.

Yes, this is a Health Care Newsletter, but some things just have to be said…

Opinion by Sharon Anshaw

Another Jihadist was allowed into the United States, not to become an American. Not to acclimate to our culture. He came to our country to sit and wait. Wait until the signal was given to kill Americans. To target little children. To give his life for his religion.

Only he lived….Oops. Does that mean he doesn’t get his 72 virgins? (or whatever the quantity)?

We now hear that the terrorist specifically targeted Halloween because “more children would be on the streets on that day”.

Let that soak in. His religion dictates the killing of innocent people, even little children so he can attain glory in the next life.

He goes on to say that he was proud he did this atrocious act. He only wished he could have killed more. More carnage. More blood. More glory for him?

It makes me come to the conclusion that these terrorists are doing their mass murders for sex. They all state their motivation is the “bonus” they are promised in the afterlife.

Quiet Muslims all condemn these acts. They all state it is not their religion. It is radical Islamists. But the maniac that targeted American children was a quiet Muslim also. He lived a normal life.

The terrorist came here on a politically correct program that few average Americans even knew about. Working here. Probably getting some kind of assistance too. Neighbors said he was a nice guy, quiet, no trouble. Didn’t you ever wonder why the latest craze of beards and backpacks came into fashion? Seems to me it came about after a few terrorist incidents. After all how can you pick anyone out if they all look the same? Like the wolf creeping up on the sheep. But in plain sight.

This isn’t an unfamiliar scenario to us, unfortunately, it has happened before. It has happened all over the world. But now it is happening to us. The U.S. We are being selectively targeted in the name of their sex-religion. Yes, I said sex-religion. It isn’t hard to find evidence of their treatment of women, children, boys, men. I don’t need to go into the rape, torture, and slavery they practice but condemn others when it is mentioned in context with what they do. Their ultimate goal after all is to have the mass number of virgins when they pass into the next life.

Am I picking on Muslims? Does that offend you? Are you an American? Do you support your country?

Why am I singling them out? Well, besides the obvious, mostly because I haven’t heard of any rogue Methodists or Baptists committing mass killings with planes or vehicles. I don’t hear of Catholics cutting off people’s heads in the name of their religion.

FOCUS people, we aren’t talking about the dark ages and what happened then. We are talking about now, TODAY, and the threat that is right in our faces.

So how did we all hear about this horrible act? Well, if it had been left to the local media, NY local press reported it as a simple road rage incident, even though they reported afterwards that eyewitnesses heard that all too familiar phrase, allahu akbar, “Allah is the greatest”.

Really? The greatest? Why is your deity the greatest? What makes him that? What do you base your comparison on? From what I see, because of your belief in that god, (or using him as your excuse) you are committing some of the most horrendous crimes against humanity ever. You have sworn to wipe out Israel. Is the United states also on the list?

…And we let them get away with it.

Islamophobic – certainly. And if it were gophers trying to kill us I’d be gopherophobic. Or Butterfly’s, I would be butterflyophobic.

News Flash; It’s called common sense. It is not bad to try to protect yourself against people who have sworn to kill you. It is self-preservation. And no matter how much the media tries to convince you otherwise, it is an inherent trait in most creature of this earth to protect oneself.

But, back to the media.

Thanks to technology now-a-days, the local news spreads quickly and the national MSM is forced to report on it. Most of the USA knew about this episode before MSM had the ink dry on their scripts.

And when MSM took over what did we hear? Can’t confirm, don’t jump to conclusions, shame on us for judging them, it is actually a great religion, lone wolf, no cause for alarm, etc., etc.

Again, we are led by whatever their Billionaire bosses’ latest agenda is. No one questions the MSM. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. Nothing to see here, move along.

But I have unanswered questions.

Why is MSM and OUR government protecting these people?

Why don’t they condemn their actions by instituting actions to stop it? Why is the left continuously passing ridiculous and treasonous laws to allow them into the country, and when here to have special privileges? Allowing them to dictate to our government how WE need to act, believe, feel? Why are our officials and media trying to be politically correct at the expense of American lives?

Why are the law enforcement officials held back from doing their jobs? Why are they not profiling people from other countries that are known to have terrorist ties? How is it they are always on “watch lists” but those lists are never acted upon? Why is it when any question to their reporting or actions is brought up it suddenly turns to be our fault? Why, when the FBI joins the investigation it is silenced and swept up in other news. ( What is happening with the shooter in Las Vegas?)

The big question is WHO IS PAYING THEM OFF???

Think that is impossible. Think that is another conspiracy theory? Hmmm let’s see.

Billionaire Bill Gates dictates to the USA that common core math needs to be taught in all US schools. It becomes mandatory.

Billionaire George Soros is allowed to create “charitable” organizations that fund civil unrest. No punishment occurs.

Billionaire Elon Musk dictating the direction of the future of machinery according to his fantasies. Technology that could one day do away with the inferior species of humans. …Crickets chirping.

Billionaire Doug Derwin using his money for dictating political whims and demanding who should be in charge of the country. By his will, not that of the Constitution.

Not to mention the former president, his connections, and the looser of the last presidential race and all the dirty money obtained by her and her partner. Where are the special councils? Where are the subpoenas? Why is there no investigation?

These Billionaires are so out of control and so self-absorbed they act as if they are Gods and the rest of the US citizens are their slaves.

They are controlling us all by virtue of their money.

That all-mighty god-like substance that corrupts humans. Down to the point of suicide.

Don’t think so…how about the stock market crash and businessmen jumping to their deaths as one example. Gangsters killing each other, heck even a wife having her husband killed for the insurance money. It is everywhere.

The corruption of our government has been allowed to happen, because of greed. Rather than serve the public as they were elected to do, they spout the same old speeches promising the world, and in the end doing nothing to benefit the people. Politicians do things because the big business donors dictate it, not for the good of the American people.

Are they following the oath of office they swore to?

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Or is it now, I will defend the Constitution, if that’s what the billionaires want?

Money has become more important than their sacred oaths. And it isn’t only politics. Look at the medical profession. Are you serving humanity, or are you serving the insurance companies….also run by Billionaires. Mandatory vaccinations on the innocent, no matter the consequences. All because the billionaires believe they are better. They know more. Their way is the only way.

And that leads me back to “WHO IS PAYING THEM OFF?” Who is paying them for their silence?

I’m afraid, until all this underworld corruption is exposed and dealt with, and we find out the names that will be linked forever with extorsion, racketeering, and corruption on a level never seen before, we will continue to see more and more innocents lose their life; all for a “c-note”.

Who is going to ask the questions????

And here’s a parting thought: what if President Trump- a billionaire – was asked to join this group of thieves, but refused? What if he said, no thanks, I will stand up for my country, and the Constitution? Think they may try to push him out of office when he acts to remove them and their corruption?

MSM has already proven that theory correct.

This “deplorable“ will always say, God Bless the USA!

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