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Why the Liberal Democrats NEED Everyone Vaccinated…

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It’s All MUCH Simpler Than You Would Think…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The BolenReport is a health care newsletter. So everything related to US health care is of interest to us including the politics surrounding it.

The US health care system is in VERY bad shape. It does not work and it costs way too much. It is improperly focused.

We cannot fix it by just changing the way we pay for it. We have to pay attention to what we pay for, and what is done to the public by the program. In short, what is called ObamaCare is way worse than people realize.

Main Stream Media (MSM) keeps announcing that Republicans are AGAINST ObamaCare but never say why. The simple truth is that the ObamaCare issue alone, across America, has cost the liberal Democrats the loss of over a thousand elected seats in State and Federal elections. Because of ObamaCare alone, the Republican Party controls the US Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency.

Why is that?

Everyone will remember Nancy Pelosi’s infamous 2010 statement about ObamaCare “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it…” In truth ObamaCare was rushed so fast through Congress in 2010 that NO ONE had a chance to read it, ask questions, and get answers. The Democrats controlled Congress and shoved it through.

But now there is a new day…

Here is the story…

When 2016 liberal Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton laughed in the face of American parents concerned about mandatory vaccines for their children, little did she realize that that insult would cost her the election – and it did. The HUGE anti-vaxxer movement turned to Donald Trump. Hillary’s insult, and the reaction, tipped the scales.

Why was Hillary so stupid as to piss-off parents?

Clinton lived in an isolated world of ELITES who really believed that THEY were something special – so special that THEY would cancel America as an entity, and force us all into a one-world-government run by corporations. “Agenda 21” is, and was, very real.

Here is How the “Mandatory Vaccine” Thing Started…

In December of 2010 the Obama Regime, seeking to actuate a nationwide so-called health plan (ObamaCare), activated a controversial project through the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) calling itself “Healthy People – 2020.” It was an adjunct to the ObamaCare legislation. It was the tool of ObamaCare. It was designed to twist America sideways. And, it did…

Obama and the CDC “Healthy People – 2020” Over-Reach…

The American people NEVER intended to give ANY agency ULTIMATE power over American’s health. Congress never enacted, nor even tried to enact, any such legislation. It would have FAILED. Obama, by Executive Order, just did it on his own…

“Healthy People – 2020” from the proponents’ own explanation, had four overarching goals:

(1) Attain high-quality, longer lives free of preventable disease , disability, injury, and premature death; (by a massive mandatory for everyone, vaccine program)

(2) Achieve health equity; eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups; (one-size-fits-all drug based health care).

(3) Create social and physical environments that promote good health for all; and (eliminate capitalism and enforce communism/socialism).

(4) Promote quality of life, healthy development, and healthy behaviors across all life stages. (do what you are told by the government).

The “Healthy People – 2020” plan WOULD HAVE REQUIRED EVERYONE in the United States, children and adults, to be vaccinated according to the schedule agreed upon by the CDC and the Vaccine Manufacturers – NO EXCEPTIONS.

The “Healthy People – 2020” schedule, SO FAR, would have REQUIRED seventy-two (72) vaccines for children, and eighty-six (86) more vaccines for adults up to seventy (70) years old. For a total of one-hundred-fifty-eight (158) vaccines for each US citizen, SO FAR, from birth to seventy (70) years old.

And they could add-on more mandatory vaccines any time they wanted.

Obama, according to Democratic Party Senator Harry Reid, was heading for a single-payer one-size-fits-all health care system serving the needs of the liberal Democrat’s campaign-financing people – Big Pharma.

ALL Health Care would have been withheld from anyone who DID NOT follow the vaccine schedule.

Welcome to what WAS the liberal Democrat’s Obama-Nation.

Obama began to do two things to try to overcome the fact that since the passage of the original ObamaCare legislation, the Republican Party had won not only control of the US Senate and House, but control of the legislatures in forty-four (44) of the fifty (50) States: (1) He began to issue huge numbers of Executive Orders – like no President ever before, and (2) he massively increased the number of numbing Federal Regulations, and Federal Staff, to enforce those regulations.

Hillary was supposed to pick up the Presidential Executive Order reins in 2016…

But then we elected Donald Trump…


And the SCREAMING started.

Let’s Back Up a Little…

When I was a kid I had FOUR (4) vaccines from the time I was born until I was eighteen years old. Somehow I survived (snort), Yup, I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, no-seat-belts-in-cars, and fist-fights-on-the-playground-at-Catholic school. Learned to shoot a gun at age seven – had my own 22 rifle at age twelve (still got it) and my first shotgun at 14 (still got that single-shot 16-Gauge, too).

Yup, I am a full-fledged “deplorable.“ Never had a flu-shot – never will. I don’t want 25 micrograms of mercury injected into my body. Why? I can still put five successive 30-06 rounds in a target the size of a softball at 600 yards – and I don’t need to impede that. I like having all my synapses firing properly.

Why is that important? Because vaccine-damaged millennials can’t do that. They can’t make the steadiness, and eye-hand coordination, it takes to hit a target with a high-caliber round at the length of six football fields.

Besides, If I got a flu-shot and a pneumonia-shot, together, I might start watching CNN…

Think of that…

We are seeing a whole generation of Americans (millennials) that are vaccine-brain-damaged to one degree or another. And Autism is just the most easily recognized effect. The MASSIVE vaccine schedule pretty much began with the millennials.

So, you might ask yourself, “Where is America’s future military going to come from?”

Let me give you some examples…

Do You Realize that Young liberal Democrats have Resurrected the Ku Klux Klan?

The Ku Klux Klan started, and has always continued, as an adjunct to the US Democratic Party. Why would anyone be surprised that it has popped up again? Notice the similarity between the photo at the top of the page and this one to the right?

Both pictures depict a situation where the participants HATE, and that HATE expression had to be hidden behind a mask because those HATE proponents know full well how that HATE expression would backfire on them, personally, in American society, should their identities be revealed.

Both groups shown in the photos FEARED a different social group and used masks to deal with their fears…

To me, this is evidence of obvious vaccine-caused-brain-damage.

Young liberal Democrats Cannot Carry on a Conversation About Social Issues With Someone Who Disagrees With Them Without Screaming and Destroying Things…

You see this everywhere – especially on college campuses. Young liberal Democrats get EMOTIONAL immediately when their weird beliefs are challenged. They, literally, cannot control themselves.

Evidence of obvious vaccine-caused-brain-damage.

Young liberal Democrats Actually Believe in Global Warming – Screaming That “97% of Scientists Agree That Global Warming Exists…”

Young liberal Democrats don’t need facts or reality.. They just scream.

Evidence of obvious vaccine-caused-brain-damage.

Young liberal Democrats Actually Believe That “Sanctuary Cities” are Places Designed to Protect Immigrant Families From Predatory White People…

They don’t know, or care, that the law they think they are opposing is designed to grab-up felons – drug dealers, human traffickers, and child molesters in the illegal alien community. Although the law is easy to read, and clearly understandable. They just scream…

Evidence of obvious vaccine-caused-brain-damage.

Young liberal Democrats HATE Heterosexual Families, Everyone Who Goes to Church, and EVERYONE that Has Ever Watched Fox News, Brietbart, Glen Beck, or Alex Jones.

Not just dislike – but pure HATRED…

Evidence of obvious vaccine-caused-brain-damage.

Presidential Election 2016 Offered Clear Election Choices, and America Made Clear Statements About Where It Wants to Be…

The US Democratic Party not only lost the presidential race, but over a thousand elected seats in State and Federal elections – ALL as a reaction to Democratic Party politics.

It wasn’t Trump that did something to them, it was “We the People” who made decisions about what we wanted. Trump said “OK…”

“We the People” do NOT want our jobs shipped overseas.

“We the People” do NOT want our energy sources shut down so that China and India can overtake our economic position on Planet Earth.

“We the People” do NOT want an endless stream of illegal immigrants – especially those that cause disruption.

“We the People” do NOT want our guns taken away so that Hillary-types can line us up to vaccinate us all..

“We the People” do NOT want to give up private property rights to the government and become good little communists.

“We the People” do NOT want to be moved into the cities creating wildlands over most of the country for the ELITES to roam in….

“We the People” do NOT want our population reduced by 95% by the year 2030 according to “Agenda 21” standards..

“We the People” do NOT want regulations on top of regulations designed to shut down American businesses in favor of overseas competition.

“We the People” do NOT want our children propagandized in schools so as to reject Judeo/Christian values. We do NOT want our seven-year-olds to decide they want a sex-change operation on a Tuesday morning.

“We the People” do NOT want our government to act in a financially irresponsible manner. Obama doubled our national debt. California keeps passing laws they have no money to support.

“We the People” DO want a REAL health Care system. One that works for Americans not Big Pharma.

The things listed above are ALL part of the political/philosophical argument we are engaged in. It is all related.

You’d have to be either, one of the ELITE, or be SIGNIFICANTLY vaccine-brain-damaged, to want to go along with any of this crap.

That’s “Why the Liberal Democrats NEED Everyone Vaccinated…”

They are losing every argument. They need more Democrats (sarcasm intended).

Opinion by “Deplorable“ Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen