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Vitamin C Material: Where to Start, What to Watch

There are numerous vitamin C videos online on the web. This article is an effort to provide recommendations to quality material. Although vitamin C is one of the most researched substances in medicine, the best research seems to see the light of day mostly through these videos. How best to learn about vitamin C can be confusing and intimidating. Where does one start, and what is important?

Videos are the easiest source to access vitamin C information, so most of the reviews that follow are for videos. There is also one paper and a few books on the list. As far as ratings, the video and paper by Dr. Robert F. Cathcart gets the ultimate 5-star rating of excellence. Cathcart's paper and lecture stand out as packed with the most information.

The review ratings and criteria are mine. Your conclusions may be different. I did try consulting the feral cats I have been assigned by my wife to feed. But as typical for cats, they gave me the look as if to say, "We make our own vitamin C (which they do; see Suzanne Humphries below), so we don't care about your videos."

Having invested many hours in watching and reading this material, do I feel it was worth my time? The answer is yes, and here is an example. Being in my early 60's, I cannot visit with a group from this age range without someone talking about their recent back/hip/shoulder operation, or how they are taking multiple prescription meds, or their doctor-shopping activities. Some of these people know their drugs like others know fine wine. I do not do or know these things, including the wine. My doctor is the guy who gives me an FAA required pilot's medical exams and calls me "disgustingly healthy." I really enjoy that wise-crack. Clearly to me, a major factor for my clean health and reasonable blood pressure is I learned the art of taking vitamin C over the last 14 years. Vitamin C has definitely and unquestioningly saved me many a home sick-day. It has definitely been my most effective solution for controlling hay fever and cat allergies.

So yes, it works and is worth it. Proving to yourself vitamin C's value is relatively easy: you try it. As far as time commitment, I just watched these videos instead of The Simpsons. If Lisa starts educating the world on vitamin C, maybe I will tune back in.