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US Health Care Reform – HOW We Manage And Pay For It Is Important, But WHAT We Pay For Is MORE Important…

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I VERY MUCH Like Where The US Health Care Political Argument Is Going…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

You have to have a sense of humor to follow what is ACTUALLY going on over the US Health Care discussion. It is VERY HARD to follow if you just use NORMAL sources for information.

Main Stream Media (MSM), as we all know, is stuck in the “Trump-Bashing” mode. Behind the scenes they have fired everyone over twenty-seven so no one there has a sense of history what-so-ever. Their offices are littered with used Starbuck’s cups.

I think if you were able to walk into the liberal media’s production areas you’d find every one of them playing video games on their $2,800 Smart Phones…

US Media is not…

Understanding the US Health Care Discussion…

First you have to make a list of the players in the game. Let’s do that:

(1) The American Public, commonly known as “We The People.”

This group, the so-called “Populists,” this time, is right here watching EVERYTHING that is going on. And, THAT FACT, is making the rest of the players VERY nervous. Why? Because the other players are NOT used to this kind of scrutiny – and are uncomfortable with it. But it is here to stay.

(2) The Democratic Party, as we can all see, is marginalizing itself over this issue and others. They are typified by the likes of Chuck Shumer who can leak tears onto his glasses on the end of his nose as soon as the cameras are turned on. Or Nancy Pelosi who cannot remember who the President is, saying “I can’t work with President Bush…”

The Democrats are NOT participating in finding solutions at all.

(3) The Republican Party is in turmoil, trying to find where it actually is in the scheme of things. We, the Populists, took over the Party at the beginning of the Presidential primaries, forcing our man Trump on them, whether they liked it or not.

Then we went and won the Presidential Election CARRYING Republicans into office. So, the rank-and-file Republicans tread carefully not wanting to anger the Populist grouchy giant who woke up recently.

(4) The Deep State, simply speaking, needs to be summarily destroyed – smashed to bits. This is as good a time as any. The US is NOT a communist country and we DO NOT NEED, nor want, any super-public agencies openly, or secretly, running our lives – certainly not our Health Care system.

(5) Special Interest Groups, like Big Pharma, Health Insurance companies, and the Conventional Health Care Industry are VERY worried about what is happening – and they should be. Why? Their blatant greed is the reason that the US Health Care System is failing.

(6) The US Health Care System itself, has become the official State Religion. It has set itself up to be Unquestionable, and acts, of itself, to punish heritics accordingly. Hospitals dress up like churches, with doctors wearing vestments.

Second, you have to understand the real issues:

(1) The public discussion MOSTLY surrounds “How the system is managed and paid for.” The Democrats want a single-payer one-size-fits-all drug-based, montrously expensive system, so-as-to-destroy-the American-economy forcing the US into globalism.

The Republicans short-sightedly act for their lobbyist constituents, which consist of Big Pharma, Conventional medicine adherents, and Health Insurance companies.

The Populists want a system that works for the people.

(2) The behind-the-scenes discussions are what is FRIGHTENING the Special Interests. And they should be frightened – for those discussions VERY MUCH are concerned with WHAT WE ARE PAYING FOR.

We DO NOT Need to Be In a Hurry…

We need to carefully examine the existing system. It is broken and the reasons for that need to be examined. THEN we can begin the process of fixing it.

(1) We have to stop being a drug-based health care system. It simply does not work.

(2) We have to shut down the State Religion. Our current US health care system is expensive junk.

My Advice?

Buy American. Sell your pharmaceutical stock. Buy coal and oil futures.

Buy advanced medical technology and supplement (prevention) strategy stock.

Big Pharma is going to be Little Pharma. The liberal media is going to lose its biggest advertiser.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen