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TRUMP IS SAVING CALIFORNIA – Despite the Liberal Democrats Best Efforts…

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There’s Water in the California Mountains – We Went and Saw it…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

It was late August 2017 when we went to see what others were telling us – that the California Forests were STILL alive despite the Obama-Nation’s best efforts to kill them with an almost eight year drought caused by constant (billions of dollars spent?) SPRAYING of ObamaDust over California Skies.

California Forests span a 400 mile long, 70 mile wide high-country terrain, in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range – all of it in an area the liberal Democrats, in their so-called “Wildlands Project” want to declare to be a “human-exclusion zone,” except, of course, for “the Elites…” See the Wildlands Project map at the bottom of this article…

And the California Mountains are Not Just Still Alive but GLORIOUS…

It looks to me like the Obama/Clinton “Fake Climate Change” AGENDA 21/WILDLANDS PROJECT Destruction of California has been COMPLETELY Defeated…

Look at this…

CampGround meadow at 7,200 feet elevation in the Sequoia National Forest There’s water in the streams, and fish in the water. The Forests have survived the airborne assault of the “climate change crazies.”

Look at what we found, and the water was COLD. The dog’s name is “Ginger.” It was her first trip – she is no longer a “City Girl.” This campground was thirty-six miles from the nearest town up a one-lane Forest Service road.

For the last four years, prior to Donald Trump taking over as President, these Forests were obvious death traps, for there was NO WATER, neither to drink, keep trees and vegetation alive, or fight forest fires.

Had Hillary been elected President I think the liberal Democrats would have BURNED all 20,061,888 acres in California to accomplish their “Agenda 21/Wildland Project” insanity.

The National Forests in California:

Cover 20% of the land in California.

Total acres of NFS Lands = 20,061,888 acres (NF source, October, 2001).

Produce almost half the state’s runoff water. Many of California’s National Forests were created to safeguard and preserve water supplies vital to the economic and environmental health of California.

As we reported in an earlier article,

“In Eight Years the Obama-Nation Killed 164 Million Trees in California…

ObamaDust – Every day starting at 7:00 AM – for EIGHT YEARS… The “drought” in California was deliberate – eight years of spraying the California skies with whatever crud the liberal Democrats could load into unmarked airplanes crisscrossing California’s skies.

They created the daily chemical haze that, itself, created “high pressure areas” for the express purpose of STOPPING California’s normal rainy seasons.

California WAS America’s largest producer of food. The Democrats tried to stop that – bringing in heavily chem-sprayed junk produce from third-world countries instead.

But, thanks to our ability to elect Donald Trump, we were able to save our California Forests…

High Country Forest Service roads, although packed dirt, are made for heavy Fire-Fighting equipment, truck-and-trailers with bulldozers to make access to fires. All that was lacking to save our Forests was WATER – and NOW we have that. Trump has saved the Forests from the liberal Democrat Obama-Nation.

GREEN in the California mountains, at higher elevations, has been sparse – but look at what Trump has done. Yes, it can be scary navigating a motor home over one-lane roads, but this year EVERY turn in the road brought a new beauty. I could have taken a thousand photos if I could have found more flat-spots to stop on. We Have Just Begun to Revive AMERICA..

I am one of those that disagrees with Donald and his team about prosecuting liberal Democrats. Hillary’s “Pay-to-Play” Secretary-of-State activities with her “Clinton Foundation” make me grind my teeth, especially over her activities to get US childhood vaccines Made-in-China (with no inspections before they are injected into our children.) But I can see Donald’s point – that we should focus on re-building America, not on public court trials and public executions. He wants America to have a positive attitude.

But, to me, the Obama-Nation’s outright destruction of America’s environment through geo-engineering, so as to achieve the appearance of “climate change” as a justification for the Agenda 21/Wildlands Project SCREAMS for massive death-penalty result trials.

What exactly are these “Agenda 21” and “Wildlands Project” things the liberal Democrats are trying to force on us?

Let’s Start with Agenda 21..

Let me use a Democrat to explain Agenda 21. On a website called “DEMOCRATS AGAINST U. N. AGENDA 21″ we find an explanation:


UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.—- Rosa Koire

In short, a bunch of crack-brained weirdos associated with the United Nations came up with a plan called “Agenda 21,” way back in the late 1970s to reduce the Planet Earth population, one way or another, from 9 billion to 500 million by the year 2021 (four years from now…) The UN adopted it – and so did Barack Hussein Obama (remember his talks about “Sustained Development?”)

The “Agenda 21” plan was to reduce the world population by 94.5% by 2021. Hillary, before the election, announced that the plan was running a little behind and that the target date was moved to 2030.

I am not making this up. It is all on record.

According to these Agenda 21 nutbags, 94.5 percent of Earth’s population was/is to be killed, by one means or another (vaccines, chemtrails?).

Using that formula the US population was/is to be reduced from 325,796,862 to 17,918,827. Which means that 307,878,035 Americans need to be killed, and our bodies disposed of, by 2030, by some means.

Once again, I am not making this up. It is all on record.

What is the “Wildlands Project?”

In short, it is a plan to move the entire remaining population of the US, after 2030, into the cities. Just below is the “Wildlands Project’s” map of what the US is to look like. The RED areas are “Human Exclusion Zones” (except for the “Elites”). ALL other areas are highly restricted land use.

For an current explanation of the “Wildlands Project”

We have saved America from these plans, so far…

Americans, in Presidential Election 2016, decided NOT to have their standard-of-living reduced to third-world-levels, they and 94.5% of their children killed, and their country turned into a big park for the “Elites” and their pet grizzly bears. We saved America from this by electing Donald Trump.

But I disagree with Donald over how to handle these two plan’s proponents. Donald is way too nice… I’m thinking “hanging,” or the “guillotine.” Or maybe just drag them out of their favorite Starbucks and hang them from a lightpost using their own Gucci belts, so-to-speak?…

America’s Forests belong to “We the People,” not the “Elites…”

And “We the People,” want our Forests intact, not dead from no water because of “fake climate-change” geo-engineering. In fact we want our WHOLE COUNTRY intact.

The liberal Democrats were not just trying to destroy the American Health Care System, Judeo/Christianity, Race Relations, and the economy by sending our jobs out of the country – but they damaged the environment too – big time. So far we have stopped them. We are reversing it all…

Opinion by “Deplorable“ Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen