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Trump Must Bring the Communists into the Light Now Before They Recruit More

We are learning that several communist groups are merging with ANTIFA for an all-out assault on America and the Bill of Rights by targeting everyone that supports President Trump, but in particular….all Whites that are now considered “linked to white supremacy.” Racism is the “trump card” they are using for their propaganda crusade against everything that is good about America as the 1st wave (beta test) sets the stage for a 2nd and 3rd wave of violence in the very near future.

Make no mistake about the elements working behind the scenes to train, recruit and attack…..

A recent ANTIFA meeting was infiltrated by “one of ours” and he did not see college level thugs dressed like Ninja warriors, but what he did encounter were well dressed men and women from 19 years old to 70 years old. They consisted of academia professors, military veterans, business owners, and official advisors to train anarchists to assassinate Trump supporters and politicians, and how to destroy the infrastructure within the United States. (Alex Jones interview with Doug Hagmann 08/25/17)

“Some Americans are aware of the George Soros groups who are pushing this country towards extreme violence that will manipulate America into a civil war that will subsequently be crushed and a new globalist, dictataorial regime will be installed.”

As a former DHS trained counter-terrorism instructor after 9/11, under the Highway Watch Program to train commercial drivers, local law enforcement / first responders and neighborhood watch groups, I have followed the political trend(s) in America and what I am seeing is a communist / terrorist take-over of America…which after 9/11 it was the al Qaida boogey man we were fearing and prepping for, but what transpired after that was a “police state” being governed by a Muslim president with very strong ties to a known terrorist, Bill Ayes, and Obama’s roots growing-up in Indonesia and Hawaii with a card carrying Communist father.

The take-over of America began (covertly) with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney et al. Not to say that Bill Clinton and Hillary didn’t have a hand in this move to radically change the Republic into a socialist / communist political system, but lately…..the cards are on the table for all to see. Is it any wonder to anyone as to why the Bush family are very close to the Clintons?

President Trump won by a fluke with the Dems attempt to steal the election as Hillary did to Bernie Sanders. Call it spiritual intervention or whatever….if you recall on the night of the final electoral counts from 3 states, the delay went on and on as frustration mounted across this nation. The Liberty Movement was sitting on needles and we all expected Hillary to win the electoral college. Out of no where….the results came-in like a hurricane Harvey and blasted the Dems and the corrupt media with an astonishing set-back that continues to send the communist Left into a frenzy.

Because of Trump, the Democrat Party (DNC) and supporters have no choice but to get extremely aggressive with their narratives to “assassinate Trump” (former CIA operative on CNN) and to “resist,” a common theme by Mad Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton.

The DNC is a failing party that has now shown it’s true colors as a dangerous communist movement, willing to expose their own evilness and readiness to overthrow the United States government and it’s political Right / Conservative support base.

Therefore….from my viewpoint on the real terrorism plaguing America, the ANTIFA organization is growing rapidly as we speak and will hit the infrastructure in America with at least 2 more waves of action.

The preliminary 1st wave we are seeing lately……orchestrated / funded by George Soros with support from the “Deep State” and managed by Obama and Hillary Clinton is the beta test and recruitment phase. By tearing down statues and causing local governments to take-down questionable statues during the night, is a dangerous message that only emboldens the ANTIFA / Black Lives Matter movement. It also emboldens “fence sitters” to collectively select a side that appears to be winning…a side that has the full support by the corporate fakestream media and encouraged by politicians on both sides of the aisle under the guise of anti-Nazi, anti-White supremacy racists….when an estimated 60 million supporters and voters for Donald Trump despise the same racists being exploited by the Dems !

The 1917 Bolshevik take-over of Russia is the same tactics being used today in America and is also outlined in Hillary Clinton’s college mentor, Sal Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals. The goal is to destroy American “Democracy” and replace it with their leaders under the Marxist play book. To effectively do that…the history of the United States must be demonized / destroyed and re-written under racist rhetoric while “Free Speech” must be labeled “Hate Speech.”

For the estimated 30% of ignorant people/voters on the street of whom were and still willing to give-up all their freedoms, guns and liberty for protection, the “snow job” is somewhat successful.

The promise of minimum wage increases for menial jobs, equality for anyone of color or sexual orientation, open borders, global trade, free health care and other subsidies, and now….”reparations” being demanded for Whites to “give-up their homes to deprived people of color,” in particular…Blacks that use the worldwide slave trade narrative as their own self inflicted demise in America today, while blaming Whites as the “privileged race,” the “divide and conquer” tactics looks good on the surface for the ignorant, but THEY do not understand the underlying evil end game they face.

For one….the Democrat Party promotes Planned Parenthood, an organization created to kill all Black babies, as stated in her own writing…the Founder of Planned Parenthood —Margaret Sanger 1921 “eugenics by birth control targeting the negro population.” Second….the Democrats were the slave owners on both sides of the Civil War and basically started the KKK.

The Bolshevik take-over of Russia created the Soviet Union…. the same scenario we are seeing in America.

“Born Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov in 1870, Lenin was drawn to the revolutionary cause after his brother was executed in 1887 for plotting to assassinate Czar Alexander III. He studied law and took up practice in Petrograd, where he associated with revolutionary Marxist circles. In 1895, he helped organize Marxist groups in the capital into the “Union for the Struggle for the Liberation of the Working Class,” which attempted to enlist workers to the Marxist cause.”

Isn’t that what Obama has been doing since he first took office while Hillary Clinton was poised for the final nail in the coffin?

So….the 1st wave is recruitment and justification for their actions while “Deep State” operatives in the CIA, CFR, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, DNC, RNC, and right down to a “sanctuary city” mayor, police chief, prosecutors, judges, and certain council members….or generally any government official that hates Trump and want to appease the far left extremists, as we just saw in Charlottesville with the mayor and governor colluding with each other to force the police to stand-down, is testament to the rising danger we are experiencing in America.

The 2nd wave that will emerge by October will be a concerted effort by ANTIFA to plan several “false flag” events to blame “White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi” groups while (again) lumping them all into one group….Trump supporters. By all accounts, Charlottesville may have been a “false flag.”

They will physically assault anyone wearing a Trump t-shirt or hat, and will go as far as assaulting anyone carrying the American flag. If Martin Luther King’s statue is blown-up, you can bet ANTIFA / BLM did it themselves, including Black churches and businesses.

That assumption is easy, because we have often seen Black Lives Matter destroying their own neighborhoods and businesses.

The 3rd wave (of professional fighters), after a push-back by pissed-off patriots, the all out Civil War will advance to the final stages of a revolution to remove Trump while welcoming the United Nations as a “peace keeping” operation to install a “provisional government” in Washington. What they hope for….is for Trump to voluntarily step-down for the “good of the nation,” before an all out assault involving death on both sides numbering in the thousands begins in the 2nd or 3rd wave of violence.

If Trump steps-down and in particular, does not declare ANTIFA as a “terrorist organization,” the “police state” operating with guidance and instruction from “Deep State” pundits in the Federal, State and Local Governments….the patriots and the Liberty Movement will face challenges, causing aggression against the government. Reason being…when the “police state” assumes the authority to protect ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the Liberty Movement will be on their own and gun confiscation will be in-order “to keep both sides from killing each other.”

However….under the 2nd and 3rd wave planning…..cops will be targeted more than ever by the communists. I expect that we will be led to believe Neo-Nazi’s were the cop killers. Again…that will relate to all Trump supporters as “racist Nazi collaborators.” Thus….President Trump could succumb and step-down, which exponentially will further destroy America more rapidly until the communist get their leadership in the White House.

What should be OUR goal as supporters for the Constitution and the Liberty Movement as the communist Left advance with their plans?

The odds that either side will win is diminished by the fact, Americans are well armed. If the game plan by the “Deep State” is to disarm Americans, which it is….the Civil War will be extremely nasty for everyone on all sides.

If there is a “round-up” as we saw during WWII of the Japanese and German Americans under a Martial Law initiative, the hold-outs on both sides will continue to battle in areas known as “pockets of resistance.” Native Americans were the first victims of plagues and isolation brought forth by influence from the British Empire and the Washington D.C. “deep state” powers that have never gone away. Little no fact….the “Revolutionary War of 1776″ was not really won, it was creatively restructured.

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