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Pro-Vaxxers Admit The Truth About the Function of Vaccines in America – “We’ll Just Get Rid Of All the Whites…”

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Anti-Vaxxers Discover SECRET Video Tapes…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

If you didn’t own a gun before you read this article, and watch a short video, you’ll go get one, and learn how to use it, damn quick, to defend yourself and your family from the likes of Paul Offitt, Allison Singer, Dorit Rubenstein Reiss and the entire “forced vaccination” world.

What they are really up to has been revealed. In their own words, in the video, their Baylor University Spokesperson makes it clear that, with the vaccine program, they intend to kill everyone in the United States but immigrants. Listen to the exact words of Baylor University’s Baylor College of Medicine – Texas Children’s Hospital, Pediatrician Carol J. Baker MD when she looked right into the camera and said:

“I have the solution… We’ll just get rid of all the WHITES in the United States…”

In the background, and through the rest of her presentation, you can see the other “panelists” nodding their heads in agreement.

Well, well….

The cat is out of the bag. Genocide is the vaccine plan. And they want to start with white people.


Watch the video…

Let’s take this VERY seriously…

I think everyone with a brain recognizes that these pro-vaxxers are a bag of whack-jobs. Their BIG STAR Paul Offit is pro-vaxxers worst enemy when he just talks normally (don’t tell the vacine industry) when he says stuff like “A child can take 10,000 vaccines at once…” And he says stuff like this ALL of the time.

Their so-called legal expert Dorit (not an attorney) Rubenstein Reiss is a hoot. I think her real job at the University is to get coffee for the male professors, empty the wastebaskets, wipe down the conference tables, pick up her boss’s dry cleaning, and make sure the pencils are sharp for meetings where she can sit by the door in case anyone needs water or something.

But, we cannot discount what this Carol Baker MD said. These people are parrotts..

These people are the faces we see. Who is in the background pulling the puppet strings?

And putting words in their mouths. We need to find out. Real soon.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen