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Insurers Seek Huge Premium Hikes On ObamaCare

President Trump has been saying for months — years, even — that Obamacare will implode. In fact, former president Barack Obama made sure to back load the whole plan so that the really painful cost spikes occurred after he left office.

And right on cue, here come those massive increases to premiums.

Of course, the cost of health care has already skyrocketed since the passage of the ironically named Affordable Care Act (no, Mr. Obama, we did not each save $2,500 a year, like you promised, nor were we able to keep our own doctors). But now it’s all about to jump again.

“Major health insurers in some states are seeking increases as high as 30% or more for premiums on 2018 Affordable Care Act plans, according to new federal data that provide the broadest view so far of the turmoil across exchanges as companies try to anticipate Trump administration policies,” The Wall Street Journal reported this week.

“Big insurers in Idaho, West Virginia, South Carolina, Iowa and Wyoming are seeking to raise premiums by averages close to 30% or more,” according to preliminary rate requests published Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

And those are just the “average” hikes. Many people will see increases far above that.

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