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How The Cure For Cancer Was Killed In Europe!

Hear the incredible story on how they killed the cure for cancer in Europe! GcMAF was working at curing cancer and reversing autism and the word was getting out! They killed this cure for cancer here in the United States also before they killed it in Europe. In the United States over 60 holistic doctors were killed over it who were on to the scam! Tell everybody you can about GcMAF and Nagalase in the vaccines.

Only through the truth going viral will we ever stop these psychopathic killers who keep pushing for mandatory vaccines everywhere! This video is why they want those vaccines made mandatory. They don’t take the nagalase infused vaccines! They give the nagalase to you in the vaccines and probably laugh about it. It’s all part of their plan to kill 95% of the world’s population as they state proudly on their evil Georgia Guidestones.

I just did the research on Google and discovered Alex Jones and his crew have not written one article linking the 60 dead holistic doctors with the GcMAF cancer cure and Nagalase! I can’t even find one article talking about how Nagalase is in the vaccines from Infowars!

If you think Alex “Tip of the Spear” Jones should spread this truth on Nagalase in the vaccines write him at and tell him to write an article and have his 20 million listeners spread the word on Nagalase in the vaccines so this corrupt system can now be fully exposed! I’m giving $100 to any patriot who gets Alex Jones to report on the link between the over 60 dead holistic doctors, Nagalase in the vaccines and the GcMAF cure they banned everywhere!

The first person who emails me they told Alex and then produces the link to the Infowars article dated after June 25th, 2017 gets the money! Email me using contact info below.

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