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It’s pretty difficult to believe that there’s no Iodine-Conspiracy at work here…a bizarre collection of apparently disparate events….designed to lower our I.Q. and destroy American intelligence. Let’s make America smart again!

Here are some rather remarkable facts. Since capable people might disagree, in an excess of caution let’s call them “factoids” and not “facts.” You can judge if they’re right.

Factoid #1: Decreased iodine intake by the mother (and pre-pregnant mother) decreases the baby’s intelligence. How much? It’s what scientists call “dose-dependent.” The less iodine, the less intelligent. True and serious iodine deficiency yields cretinism (we used to call it “idiocy”). Even mild iodine deficiency in the mother equals lower intelligence – typically, 10-25 I.Q. points. Ten I.Q. points makes a significant difference in future economic, personal and interpersonal success. Twenty-five I.Q. points makes an enormous difference in a child’s future success in life.

According to Peter Magnuson, former Senior VP of Oracle Corporation, in the “Forbes” magazine article “Is IQ A Predictor of Success?”

As the question is stated, the answer is simply “yes.” If you take a “real” IQ test, then the result is a strong statistical predictor of multiple future life outcomes – income, education level, health, even longevity. There are hundreds of studies that confirm these correlations. So in that sense, it “predicts” your future “success”.

Do you want to give your child a great chance for success? If “yes” (who would say “No”…?) then make sure that the child’s mother receives adequate daily iodine before, during, and after pregnancy.

This relationship between I.Q., academic success and good behavior has been tracked for decades (yes, decades) by endocrinologists (those who study organs like the thyroid, the kidneys, and the liver). Result? Low iodine intake = LESS intelligent, LESS well-behaved children. Children who are ADHD, autistic and … less likely to be successful. And – possibly… whose mothers are more likely to get breast cancer.

For information on iodine and breast cancer, visit:

Factoid #2: Nearly half the pregnant women in the U.S. aren’t getting enough iodine to produce healthy babies. Yes, nearly half. The result is – almost immediately – greater infant mortality, more premature births, longer hospital stays for Mom and Baby, and – yes – lower I.Q. for baby. Ever wonder why the U.S. slipped from #1 in world-wide intelligence 50 years ago, to #19 today?

Factoid #3: Certain chemicals intentionally added to our diet – similar to iodine – compete with our iodine intake. These are the chemicals that, on their own or in combination with other molecules, are called “halogens.” While not exactly evil, nature did not intend them for human ingestion. They reduce your uptake of iodine – so even if you’re getting enough iodine (which you probably aren’t) – the competing similar chemicals (halogens) prevent iodine from being used by your organs.

The halogens are chlorine, fluorine, bromine, and iodine. They have quite similar chemical behaviors (they are in the same column in the Period Table of Elements), and our life-critical organs (thyroid, breasts, liver, kidneys, thymus, pituitary, stomach, intestines – all organs which desperately NEED iodine to function) are “tricked” into thinking that chlorine, fluorine and bromine are…iodine.

But of course, chlorine, bromine and fluorine are not iodine. The result: even if you are eating enough iodine with your fruits, eggs, vegetables and fish (the main sources of iodine), these three other “iodine-like” chemicals will compete with iodine. Therefore, your organs may not get the iodine they need for healthy functioning.

Factoid #4: Net/Net Result: You will be sicker, stupider, and more likely to get heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, and cancer. Especially breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer.

So where are these “other halogens” coming from? Chlorine in drinking water. Fluorine in tooth-paste and drinking water. Bromine in bread. Chlorine in plastics (as chemicals called “perchlorates”). Much lower iodine (if any) in fruits and vegetables due to soil depletion of iodine.

How do these iodine-competitors get there? By various avenues, and for various reasons…but most of them recommended or controlled by our government agencies. Is this a conspiracy to make us stupider? to make our children stupider? who would benefit from this?

Factoid #5: Just a suggestion, and Lord knows if it’s true in any fashion: we live in a “service -oriented society.” We need lots and lots (and lots) of relatively unambitious people to serve the wealthier people, in the millions of service jobs which are often, simply, intellectual and economic dead-ends. Fast-food; cleaning; truck-driving, facility maintenance – you can find the list of the “lowest paying 300 jobs in America by clicking HERE – . Who benefits from this?

You can answer yourself. Not the service people, that’s for sure. All you need for these jobs is a high school diploma, if that. And while Pres. Obama (thanks to legislation pioneered by Pres. Bush) reduced our high-school dropout rate from one million to 750,000 over 8 years, there is a huge disproportion of black students in that number of dropouts. What can they look forward to? Probably a poorly-paying job for the rest of their lives. Is this likely to make them good and productive citizens? You can answer that.

List of 300 lowest paid jobs in America.

Factoid #6: as the final “nail in the halogen coffin” ask yourself: who can afford to buy bottled water and avoid chlorine and fluorine in municipal water supplies? and…who can’t?

Does the slipper fit Cinderella? you can judge for yourself.

There’s a way around it, of course, and it’s very very simple. Take an iodine supplement, and make sure to get a supplement that has a higher dose of “molecular” iodine rather than iodide (like the potassium iodide in table salt). The use of a dietary iodine supplement is highly recommended by major health organizations – including the American Thyroid Association.

For more information on a great, cheap and effective iodine supplement, click HERE.

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