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BIG PHARMA in a PANIC Over Brenda Fitzgerald CDC Appointment…

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They Are Beginning to Figure Out That Fitzgerald IS NOT Their Friend…

The Childhood Vaccine Program Will Be a Bad Memory…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Big Pharma Drug Lords, before Election 2016, were absolutely certain that their choice for the Presidency of the United States, Hillary Clinton, was in the bag – after all, their contributions to her candidacy, the Clinton Foundation, and liberal Democrats across the nation, had exceeded the GNP of most countries on Planet Earth.

In California they had bought the entire liberal Democrat legislature, and they passed a Mandatory Vaccine bill. They thought that would happen nationwide. It didn’t – The Anti-Vaxxer Movement smashed them nationwide. SMASHED THEM.

Their ownership of the liberal news media is uncontested. It didn’t work for them during the election and it isn’t working for them now…

Insert laughter here…

Money NOT Well Spent…

We all laugh at the whining liberal Democrats, their “the Russians did it…” whimperings, the daily “made up” fake-news stories trying to turn the American people against our President – and NONE of it is working. Big Pharma, of course, is funding this attack.

But now, Big Pharma is seeing the handwriting on the wall…

Big Pharma is going to become Little Pharma…

And It is time…

How Do I Know This?

There are a number of indicators which show Big Pharma’s panic. And I mean REAL PANIC.

Does this woman look seventy years old to you? Well, she is, and she is an expert in Anti-Aging medicine – which uses similar non-drug techniques as Autism Reversal Doctors… No wonder Big Pharma fears her… Why? They finally did their homework on Brenda Fitzgerald MD, Trump’s pick to run the CDC. And, they are in the “Oh Shit!” mode big time.

They should have figured out that something was NOT going to go their way when Brenda turned out to be a personal friend of Tom Price, Trump’s pick to head DHHS. Tom Price, as we all know, was a Board Member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). The AAPS is as Anti-Vaccine as you can get… They sound like me, Tim Bolen.

This, below, is the official AAPS position on mandatory vaccines…….

“Public policy regarding vaccines is fundamentally flawed. It is permeated by conflicts of interest. It is based on poor scientific methodology (including studies that are too small, too short, and too limited in populations represented), which is, moreover, insulated from independent criticism. The evidence is far too poor to warrant overriding the independent judgments of patients, parents, and attending physicians, even if this were ethically or legally acceptable.

AAPS opposes federal mandates for vaccines, on principle, on the grounds that they are:

An unconstitutional expansion of the power of the federal government.

An unconstitutional delegation of power to a public-private partnership.

An unconstitutional and destructive intrusion into the patient-physician and parent-child relationships.

A violation of the Nuremberg Code in that they force individuals to have medical treatment against their will, or to participate in the functional equivalent of a vast experiment without fully informed consent.

A violation of rights to free speech and to the practice of one’s religion (which may require one to keep oaths).

But that Vaccine Policy is just the beginning…

For Big Pharma it is MUCH WORSE…

Everybody know that Forbes Magazine is Big Pharma’s barking dog. In an interesting article last week Forbes says:

New CDC Head Fitzgerald Peddled Controversial ‘Anti-Aging Medicine’ Before Leaving Private Practice

“Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, appointed Friday as director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist who saw patients for 30 years in private practice.

Unlike any OB/GYN I know, Fitzgerald treated men as well as women. That’s because besides being board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, she is a fellow in “anti-aging medicine.”

It says so right in her bio on the website for the Georgia Department of Public Health, where she served as commissioner for seven years before moving to the CDC. (The Health and Human Services press release in which HHS Secretary Tom Price, a fellow Georgia physician, announced her CDC appointment doesn’t include that tidbit).

What does this mean? First, let me show you what it means to Big Pharma:

“I’m shocked,” Dr. David Goldstein, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the New York University School of Medicine and treasurer of the International Menopause Society, said after I told him that Fitzgerald’s biography identifies her as an anti-aging medicine fellow.

Goldstein described so-called anti-aging treatments as “snake oil” that “plays on people’s worst fears about their mortality.”

“If she [Fitzgerald] was one of these people who was marketing anti-aging medicine, that’s scary,” he said.

The “Anti-Aging” crowd is a huge component of the United States (and worldwide) Health Freedom Movement…

MY friends…

In fact, one of our BolenReport Authors, William “Bill” Faloon, heads up one of the largest Anti-Aging organizations on Planet Earth – the Life Extension Foundation.

But, almost better yet, Brenda Fitzgerald MD is a “Fellow of Anti-Aging Medicine” which means she completed the three-year program put on by the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). A4M puts on two conferences per year in the US, and many others worldwide. They have trained in excess of 125,000 doctors in these non-drug techniques. Over 6,000 health professionals attend A4M’s December conference in Las Vegas every year, and 4,500 attend their Orlando, Florida event in April.

A4M has been under almost CONSTANT attack from the drug industry, and their federal agency toadies, for years.

SMILE HERE… Things are about to get VERY interesting.

Let Me Be Blunt. The North American Health Freedom Movement is IN the Driver’s Seat…

And we have eight years to make A REAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

What are we waiting for?