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Are Chiropractors Really Bullsh*t? (Special Release: Podcast + BONUS Article!)

Last week, podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan interviewed (click here to watch or listen) a woman who calls herself the “SciBabe” (Yvette d'Entremont) about her juicy, controversial, attention-grabbing article on The Outline entitled “Chiropractors Are Bullshit“.

Now don't get me wrong – Yvette has some interesting ideas and I appreciate both her willingness to question some of the more radical aspects of alternative medicine and potential quackery, as well as her ability to keep us all on our feet and wary of being duped by ineffective therapies. She's even been a podcast guest on my episode “Is The Food Babe Really Full Of Sh*t?“.

At the same time, I see a chiropractor regularly. Some of my dear friends are chiropractors. From sacroiliac joint issues to neck pain to digestive problems, chiropractors have fixed my body many a time. So I wanted to give someone from the chiropractor community a chance to speak up on the actual science and evidence-based research of chiropractic medicine.

Enter Dr. Jason Jaeger, DC, FCBP.

Jason is a chiropractic physician at Advanced Spine & Posture in Las Vegas.

He has practiced since 1999 and has been a chiropractic physician in Las Vegas since 2001 where he has brought his passion for health and wellness to the community that he and his family have called home since the late 1940’s. He is the Administrative Director of Aliante Integrated Physical Medicine, one of Nevada’s leading integrated physical medicine practices.

Dr. Jaeger is one of only approximately 1000 chiropractors around the world trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics®, a technique which corrects and restores the spine back to alignment, and one of only 19 instructors for the CBP technique. Dr. Jaeger is also Board Certified in Nevada in CBP®. He is the developer of the Universal Tractioning System (UTS) and received the “2014 Researcher of the Year” award for the Advancement of Chiropractic Science at the Annual Chiropractic BioPhysics® Research Symposium held in New York City.

Dr. Jaeger attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) during his undergraduate program and graduate school at Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS). As class representative and Student American Chiropractic Association Vice President SCUHS chapter, he successfully lobbied in Washington D.C. for such issues as Medicare and HMO reform. Dr. Jaeger participated in a rotation through Cal State Northridge’s prestigious Physical Therapy program where he successfully integrated neuro-musculoskeletal therapies on paralysis and stroke victims.

Dr. Jaeger currently holds adjunct faculty positions at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, CA; Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, KS; Parker University in Dallas, TX; and Palmer Chiropractic University in Davenport, IA. He is the Secretary of the International Chiropractic Association’s (ICA) Research and Guidelines committee (FACTS). Dr. Jaeger is a professional speaker and has lectured throughout the United States, Europe and Australia on spinal biomechanics, research and the clinical work he has performed. He is a published author in the peer-reviewed literature on clinical biomechanics. Dr. Jaeger is a literature-reviewing doctor for the International Chiropractic Association’s Best Practices Guidelines, a guideline recognized & accepted federally by the National Clearinghouse of Guidelines. He is a past board member for the Nevada Chiropractic Association (NCA), is a current board member for the Nevada Chiropractic Council (NCC) and has been deemed an expert by the courts in the State of Nevada.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What Jason thinks of Yvette's statement that “little more than the buffoonery of a 19th-century lunatic who derived most of his medical theory from séances”…[8:00]

-Whether those in chiropractic medicine actually respect Daniel David Palmer, founder of chiropractic medicine…[11:42]

-Whether it is true that “The defining principle of chiropractic is that health is a state that can be either maintained or lost due to vertebral subluxations”…[13:30]

-The type of chiropractic care Jason practices, and the difference between evidence based chiropractic care and “quacks”…[22:40]

-What Jason's schooling looked like, and whether it is true that 100% of chiropractic docs graduate from their institution…[26:20]

-How big of a problem is “quackery” in chiropractic care, and Jason's thoughts on some of the people Yvette discusses in her article, like Josh Axe, Billy Demoss, and Eric Berg…[30:40]

-Where medicine and supplements fit into Jason's practice, and whether his supplements are regulated…[41:00 & 45:50]

-What Jason thinks about infant chiropractic care…[47:00]

-How you can know if you're getting a “good” vs. a “bad” chiropractic doc…[52:05]

-And much more!

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