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“Three Drops Under Your Tongue and You’re Ready To Go…” Why I Supported Scott Gottlieb For FDA Head…

The Anti-Vax Community Had Reservations About Scott – But I Knew Something Others Did Not…

And now that he has been APPROVED by Congress I am going to tell you what that is…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

US Health Care cannot be changed by just shifting HOW it’s paid for. We need to change WHAT we are paying for. A Big Pharma/vaccine dominated system is NOT in our best interests.

Americans, under ObamaCare, are/were paying for a system that offered junk health care at a high price. But, we are fixing THAT right now.

We are heading for a much better “Patient Centered“ system – and here at the BolenReport, we will tell you where it is going to end up.

To get there we have to remove Big Pharma’s influence over our “Administrative Structure” – period. And that effort is turning out to be far easier than we thought.

You can hear the shrill screech/screaming from Big Pharma’s mainstream media toadies.

I, for one, want to turn up the heat. Scott Gottlieb’s approval for FDA head did just that. We are going to make Big Pharma into Little Pharma.

So, listen to this…

Scott Gottlieb is NOT Big Pharma’s friend. The story below will explain why Scott is/was THE LAST PERSON Pharma should want as FDA head – and why the cutting-edge, and anti-vax community DEFINITELY WANTED him. And now we have him in place.

For years, in my Crisis Management role, I attended cutting-edge health care conventions all over the United States. I spoke at many. During one of those experiences I ended up, at about 10:00PM, in a Seattle-area Hotel Bar with several Bio-Physicists, sharing our second pitcher of the local brewery’s Draft Beer. The conversations were getting much better, freer, so to speak, when another guy (also a Bio-Physicist) drifted in trailing his suitcase. He was a friend of the guy sitting across from me.

The new guy was offered a glass, but declined, saying he’d see us in the morning. But before he left he asked his sitting friend “Hey, the other day in the lab. How’d that come out?”

The sitting guy chuckled and said: “Three drops under your tongue and you’re ready to go…”

Do I have your attention yet?

Most people have never heard a story like this about health care – but it is all very true – and a complete nightmare for Big Pharma. And the FDA has been trying desperately, and not completely successfully, to keep the lid on this.

I told this story back on September 28th, 2005 on George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast radio show. So many people got on my website the next few days, my server was overloaded and shut down. I had close to nineteen thousand new subscribers sign up for my newsletter. The story included here was probably the primary reason for all of the attention.

“Three drops under your tongue and you’re ready to go…?”

What does that mean? You are about to be introduced to the world of electronic (energy) medicine – right out of Star Trek – and very, very real, and very, very, scary to Big Pharma.

Remember all of those scenes in Star Trek where the doctor “Bones” waved what looked like a TV remote control over someone laying on an examining table and said “Yup, he’s got cancer, tuberculosis, AIDs, lung disease, athletes’ foot, hoof-and-mouth-disease, and malaria. Don’t worry though Captain, we’ll have him fine by morning.”

None of that was so far-fetched. It is VERY REAL.

Here is the rest of the story…

The two late-sixties in age, Bio-Physicists in the story, and their wives, had been long-time friends and lived near each other. The guys played golf together. When one of them dropped by the other’s lab, the week before, he had been returning from an annual physical where his doctor had given him a sample six-pack of Viagra on a foil card that fit in his shirt pocket. He pulled it out and showed it to his friend, who said “Should I call your wife and warn her?” To which the other replied “Nope, let it be a surprise…”

The lab guy then said to his friend “before you, go pop one of those out of there and drop it into this little paper cup (like for ketchup), and let me put it on my machine.” Having put the cup, with pill, on one capacitor plate of his machine, he put a dropper bottle of clear water on the other capacitor plate – and turned the machine on.

What he was doing was making an electronic copy of the Viagra pill and copying its frequency into the water in the bottle.

Remember the original question?

“Hey, the other day in the lab. How’d that come out?”

And the answer was:

“Three drops under your tongue and you’re ready to go…”

Now, I bet, I REALLY have your attention…

And now you see why I got close to nineteen thousand new subscribers after my interview on George Noory’s show.

What actually happened on that Bio-Physicist’s machine?

Did he really make a copy of a Viagra pill? Nope – there were three hundred droplets in that bottle, so, if “three drops under your tongue” makes you “ready to go,” then he made one hundred Viagra pills…

A Viagra pill sells, commercially, for about ten bucks…

Are you sitting on the edge of your chair?

You should be…

Can you see the possibilities?

So, what does this have to do with Scott Gottlieb?

Before I take you behind the scenes with Scott Gottlieb I need to show you something that will lay the groundwork for what I am about to show you about Scott Gottlieb. Watch the three (3) minute video about “Electro-Dermal Screening” just below.

Get the idea? Never heard of this before? Of course not – it is suppressed. Does it work? Very much so.

This whole idea of using electricity for health issues has been around for a very long time and includes the work of some very well known scientists…

Nikola Tesla for instance, way back in the early 1900s, had invented a “violet ray.” Today we see hundred of uses for later devices using light for treatment.

Royal Raymond Rife, in the 1930s did significant work, and was disgraced by the allopaths who attacked him.

Reinhold Voll, in the early 1900s, invented what became “electrodermal screening.”

Bob Beck – The Beck Protocol was developed gradually from 1991 to 1997. It is a bioelectric, natural health protocol designed to help the body heal itself. The first step is known as micropulsing, blood electrification or microcurrent therapy. The second step is magnetic pulsing, the third is drinking ionic colloidal silver and the fourth part is drinking ozonated water. The Beck Protocol appears to have a positive effect on the immune system, at a very basic level, to help our bodies with a wide variety of health challenges.

Hulda Regher Clark PhD – invented a simple “zapper” which generated a positive square wave. I wrote a whole series of articles about her.

The United States Air Force – did significant work in this area.

It is all VERY REAL. So, why don’t you hear more about it? Why isn’t your doctor using it?

Because the FDA attacks its devotees more than anyone else in health care.


Think about it. The ability to diagnose quickly, without lab tests, plus the ability to treat the problem immediately.

The death of the pharmaceutical industry.

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