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Parental Control Keylogger

Parental control keylogger software is multifunctional program which provides best way to track all activities of external users in your absence. Keyboard key tracker utility is totally hidden in "Program menu", "Add or remove programs" and even hides installation files and folders from computer system. Undetectable keylogger tool provides you to take a view of log file, date and time of chat session or contents of the typed matter itself and generates report of traced data. Windows vista keylogger program helps to get detailed information of each keystroke, chat conversations, websites browsing history, computer name, login or passwords and all other programs run over computer. Keystroke recording software takes screenshot of screen at regular intervals of time for security purpose. Undetectable keylogger application goes well with multiuser operating system which provides email facility to monitor report of every log. Parental control keylogger utility is password protected tool which prevents all unauthorized users to perform changes in configuration or settings of software. Invisible keylogger application cannot be detected by any antivirus or spyware as well as anti keylogger. Features: * Invisible keylogger software works in hidden mode and tracks all typed text such as user name and password, chat details, browsing history or URLs. * Parental control keylogger tool is undetectable for anti viruses or anti keyloggers and fully capable to track internet browsing history. * Keystroke recording utility prevents users to perform any change in software configuration and does not affect performance of system after installation. * Undetectable keylogger program traces login time and date of every chat session created. * PC surveillance application supports all major windows operating system including windows 98, 2000, XP, ME, NT, 20003 and Vista with extremely interactive graphical user interface.