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by Barry Chamish

     Rabin's Hebrew memorial week meant meeting lots of people and those
with information are becoming less reluctant to talk. You can instil fear
to shut the Jewish voice up...for awhile. That period is passing.

     I gave four lectures this memorial week, beginning with Har Bracha, a
village near Nablus, followed by the two glorious days of the Rabin Truth
Convention at the Windmill Hotel in Jerusalem and concluding with an
address to the Petach Tikveh branch of the Lion's Club of Israel. And at
each venue, voices of freedom rang clear.

Har Bracha

     The daughter of the distinguished rabbi, Dov Lior resides here. The
people there know all about the Shabak snitch Yves Tibi and the Kahalani
Brothers incident. To remind those who have forgotten, Eitan and Yehodidya
Kahalani were arrested on Sept. 4, 1995, two months before the Rabin
assassination, charged and later imprisoned for planning a massacre of
Arabs. I have on numerous occasions proven that Israel's secret services,
the Shabak, utterly framed the brothers with the active participation of
their agent Yves Tibi.

     It took a few years for Tibi to feel regret but he confessed that he
framed the Kahalani brothers to Rabbi Dov Lior, who asked that the
confession be written and signed. Tibi agreed and Rabbi Lior placed the
document in his briefcase. He was, soon after, mugged on the street and his
briefcase was stolen.

     A former Hebron resident, a lively lady, added information on the
Shabak frameup of Baruch Goldstein, the innocent patsy for the Hebron
massacre of 1994.

     "You should know that Baruch didn't go straight into Yitzhak Hall and
shoot it up. First he stopped in Avraham Hall and told the Jewish
worshipers there that he had met with a high-ranking IDF officer, Shlomo
Mofaz the day before and he told him to prepare for an Arab massacre of
Hebron's Jews. After that he left the hall and supposedly went on a
shooting rampage.

     "The whole thing didn't make sense then and today it looks even more
like Baruch was manipulated by Mofaz. If the IDF knew about an impending
massacre, then it would have sent in troops to stop it, not warn Baruch
that it was coming. More and more it looks like Mofaz was the mastermind of
the massacre and Baruch the stooge."

Rabin Convention

      This year the convention had both Hebrew and English nights. The
Hebrew event was crowded to the last chair, while the English night was
merely well attended. Naturally, not one Israeli reporter was in attendance
on either night.

      One speaker was Yosef Keren, a former police investigator who quit
the force after his findings that the Shabak framed one Amos Baranes for a
murder he did not commit, were ignored by his commanders. The State
Attorney General who knowingly sent this innocent victim to a life in
prison, was Rabin's notorious whitewasher, Judge Meir Shamgar. In no small
part because of the stubbornness of Keren, the Israeli Prosecutor's Office
declared Baranes to be innocent just two weeks ago.

      Keren: "You might be interested to know that a Mossad officer, real
high up, confirmed your thesis that Peres and the French knocked off Rabin.
This was back in '96 when my evidence about Baranes was getting notice, one
of my intelligence contacts and I started talking about Rabin. He asked me,
'Where does Peres always fly to?' I asked him where and he answered,
'France.' He went on, 'We watched Carmi Gillon closely and he was in and
out of France before the assassination. Peres was in France two weeks
before the murder putting the final touches on the assassination.'  Just in
case you were unaware, the Mossad knows Peres rubbed out Rabin and they're
keeping quiet."

     The next night, a woman made an observation to the audience which
brought applause: "I happen to know personally that Jean Frydman was nearly
broke in 1995. Even though he said he paid for Rabin's rally in Tel Aviv, I
know he couldn't have. He was just the money funnel for the French

The Lion's Club

     Talk about legitimacy, the Lion's Club invite me to speak, and even
gave me a handsome framed certificate to mark the occasion. As one would
expect, the audience was filled with members of Israel's
business, legal and military establishment. Some of the information passed
to me was of tremendous significance, ie. an engineer on the Arrow missile
project is convinced his rocket can knock down anything flying at us from
Iraq, and an Air Force officer stated without doubt that the World Trade
Towers bombing was not an Arab operation but an internal American one
involving keeping their Air Force at bay. "Their Air Force would have been
alerted. Even if I believed that barely trained pilots could have hit the
towers pinpoint, which I don't, there is no way another plane would get
through the defences and hit the Pentagon an hour later." And this from a
staid member of the Lion's Club.

     However, the information that was the most fascinating came from a
local officer of the Lion's, a nurse highly respected in her field.

     "Not long after the Rabin murder, I attended a nurses' convention and
it was filled with rumors about what the Ichilov nurses saw. We call an
exit wound, 'lips,' because the skin folds out and it looks like lips. The
talk was that Rabin had a wound in the chest from the front but there were
no lips. It was a clean hole, or in other words, someone besides Amir shot
him from the front. The Ichilov nurses were really scared but they told
close associates what they saw and how they were warned not to. They took a
real risk for the honor of their profession.

     "And so did the doctors. I realized that tonight from your speech.
It's not only that Dr. Gutman registered the frontal wound three times or
that Dr. Kluger told Haaretz that Rabin arrived with his blood coagulating,
meaning he took a long time to get there. What impressed me was that the
doctors were also communicating the truth to their colleagues in code.
     "Prof. Barabash (GM of Ichilov Hospital) told the television reporter
that Rabin received 21 units of blood. That's ridiculous and anyone in the
field should have spotted it. We administer a unit an hour. Rabin was on
the table from 10 to 11:10. How could he have received 21 infusions in an
hour? Then Barabash announced that Rabin arrived at the Trauma Center
clinically dead with no pulse but he was revived and the pulse returned.
Dr. Gutman registered the pulse from 0 to 130/min. within moments. Absurd.
No one arrives dead and has a normal pulse in minutes. The doctors were
crying out for truth by announcing medically ridiculous occurances."

Even Some Politicians Are Crying Out Now

     Just like last year, there was extensive coverage of the Rabin
conspiracy in the Israeli religious and conservative media with Yom
Hashishi, Kol Hashavua, Sheva and Makor Rishon providing extended coverage
of the truth. Of the secular/left media, a newsmagazine covering the south
of Israel called Scoop published a five page article about my work which
was as favorable as I could expect, while Haaretz printed a piece by Yossi
Melman revealing that none of the Shabak officers who "failed to protect
Rabin from Amir" were paid off in jobs and scholarships. Naturally Melman
did not see this as the reward for silence but just an old boy's network
without moral direction. As for Yediot Achronot, Maariv, the Voice Of
Israel TV and radio...bubkes, gurnisht, efes, rien, nada, zilch. We assume
the pattern will hold for the secular anniversary of the murder on Nov. 4.
     What has changed though is that some surprising political figures are
coming out of their closet and making declarations unthinkable just a year
ago. The best article of all appeared in Yom Hashishi. Look at these quotes:

     Avigdor Kahalani, Knesset Member, Centrist Party - "There are tons of
open questions. It terrifies me, but in my heart I know something is very
wrong. There were too many so called snafus and it doesn't add up. At some
point we're going to have to supply the public with some answers."

     Shimon Sheves, Rabin's former office manager - "I have a lot of
questions about what went on in the period leading up to the murder and on
that day itself. I don't want to go into detail yet but I'm going to
dedicate the rest of my life to getting to the bottom of these questions I

     From Makor Rishon, Likud Knesset Member Michael Eitan - "I am not free
at the moment to detail what I know about the illegal activities of Avishai
Raviv, but he was a Shabak inciter and provocateur. In 1997, when I was
Science Minister, the state prosecutor Edna Arbel and Shabak chief Ami
Ayalon addressed the Knesset Security Committee and assured us that Raviv
commited no crimes. By the middle of 1998 we all knew Arbel and Ayalon lied
to us outright and provided us with defective information. After I demanded
an investigation of their lies, I was shocked that the Attorney General
ordered that I be investigated instead. And no one on the committee stood
up for me."

     Ordinary Jews, professional Jews and Jewish politicians are speaking
out. Their voices were smothered for seven years but you just can't keep an
honest Jew quiet forever. The assassination's secrets will be heard in the
voices of our best people. And soon.


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